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  • May 7, 2022, 6:59 a.m.
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I stayed up to read the letters to Rocky. I’ll likely regret that later because Sammy’s graduation starts at 6 pm. He approved of my response with the tweaks and reprimanded me for not being so clear with the doctor. I reminded him that I went through all that when we started with her and I have not said the dizziness has gotten better nor did I realize I had to go through the damn list every visit.

Symetra did get back to me yesterday but it is still unclear. “A written request. You could scan and email or fax the request. You will forward it to the address/fax listed in the letter.” Still does not make it clear if it needs to be handwritten. Not that my handwriting is particularly bad, just that if there is no need to do it.... the letter is rather long. However, I want it to go out today so I’ll be on that in just a moment. Early with lots of breaks so that my writing doesn’t get worse over time. It will be an exact copy of the previous entry. Of course with the correct format, addresses, names, and a signature to top it off. That’s my #1 goal for today.

Destiny called crying yesterday. With only a month to go till her wedding her photographer bailed. “I don’t know why this is happening to me” I know we all get emotional. Even in my current situation, I had a good cry about it. The thing is that you can’t just wallow. Go ahead and have yourself a good cry, when you become broken over something you have to, it’s part of grief. Then, think about what you need to do to get to where you need to be. In her case, it was breathing and looking up some local photographers. That’s where we make such good friends.... or that I am such a good friend for her. I sat here and wrote a quick snippet: With only a month till my wedding the photographer I booked bailed on me. I’m looking for someone who can do wedding photos on June 4th. I’d like some getting ready photos and photos at the reception as well. The wedding starts at 1 pm followed by the reception. Please contact me for scheduling and pricing @ (phone # ). I then copied and pasted that into 6 website contact things. I also gave her the number for one because they did not have a contact message thing.

Moments after getting off the phone she texted me saying the place I gave her was $1800! I reminded her that it was the first of 7 quotes and that she’d not yet asked anyone she knows. I just (while typing this) got a message from her saying she’s got it covered. After hearing those prices and denials because of booked dates she posted on FB. Her friends gave her 8 names of local hobbyists who would likely do it. One of them was an ex-boss of hers. Destiny called her up and asked how much she’d do it for. She said $500, Destiny offered $700 and the lady’s going to be with us ALL DAY!. I knew that the places I messaged were going to be too expensive but I did what I can do from here. Calm her and give her something to do about it. It worked :) I did my job. The girl who’d bailed wanted only $250 but after realizing true pricing and the thought she’d not have a photographer at all she’s happy to pay more than the person wants to ensure they will be there. I posted this in the comments for the post she’d made: From the bottom of my heart as the Maid of Honor I thank all of you for your effort in helping with this situation. Destiny was overwhelmed and ya’ll really came through. I’d directed her to companies I could google from here (TN) writing in only 6 request forms. Ya’ll have got 8 people on here! The key was to get her to ask.... got my part down lol. Thanks again! I’m relieved it’s not something to worry about after less than 4 hours of freak-out time! Amazing!

Now to find some paper and a blue or black pen and get started on that letter.

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