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  • May 5, 2022, 7:42 a.m.
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After yesterday’s news.... after my post here.... I was on twitch in one of my fave streamer’s chats and I had just been talking about the cochlear implant when I’d gotten the call. I went back in after my post here and explained “I’ve just taken a blow.” It was hard to listen to any advice as I was still processing. I then (10:45 am) woke Rocky because I needed to talk. I needed him to tell me it will all be okay and not to worry about it. He let me cry for a few mins but I was up and back to work on Mturk for the 11 am work I do.

I’d gotten a message back from the doctor’s office reacting to my emotional reaction. “Send the info for the appeal right away: fax# or attach it here if you can.” Sent them a message back apologizing letting them know it was an emotional reaction that I currently did not have the paperwork and it’s coming via snail mail. They responded with “I understand. Just get that to us as soon as you can.”

I slept on it. I can’t do anything but wait at the moment. The paperwork for how to appeal is in the mail. I promised Rocky if it doesn’t come in today I will call again and see if they can email me a copy so I can get started. It was not something I thought about when Symetra was twisting the knife. It’s something I wish I could change about myself. Why didn’t I call them back as soon as he said that? Still processing? Embarrassed that I hadn’t thought to ask?.... probably one or both of those.

Today, Rocky gives plasma again. I have a fair bit to do here at home and have debated not going with him. Honestly, it’s an hour and 1/2 in which I have to find something else to do. Meanwhile, nothing gets done at home. I also end up missing work on MTurk for whatever the day’s goal is. (currently ahead by 2 days goal of 10.89/day)

In case you didn’t know. MTurk is short for Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s an Amazon company in which I work. Know what crowdfunding is? Where you ask thousands of people to help you pay for something. MTurk is crowdsourcing. Where someone has a very large job and breaks it up into many small jobs. They pay a little for each one completed. Thousands of people work on these projects so they get done in seconds. To be honest it’s not worth the time I put into it. I know I spend way too much time sitting here in front of my computer looking for work that’s worth it. However, currently, I need to pay the following with it while I’m not working.... 100 a month to pay on the MRI I had on the 22nd of March (1,237.67), 125 for car insurance, and 87 for the monthly payment on the new lawnmower. The disability and Rocky were covering the house note, the house bills, and whatever he wanted to spend it on. .... sigh

I also have reason to go with Rocky today. Once upon a time, I was doing gig apps. (Field Agent and Easy Shift) I had to stop because I was spending just about as much in gas as I was making. That was when we lived with my brother though. We lived a 15 min drive from town and there wouldn’t be very much to do. I currently live on the border of 2 pretty booming cities. There are 25 dollars to be had at the Walmart 2 doors down from the plasma place. If successful, I can talk Rocky into going to the Walmart close to the house when we get back to do it again. It’s a matter of how dizzy is it going to make me. The last time I did it was before I’d ever heard of Meniere’s. I have to try though.

The things I need to do at home? We picked up a few more books to round out the second FBA box. They are five very heavy textbooks. I want to get them listed and packed so that when Rocky gets back from plasma we can ship them out. I also have food to cook. I’d taken some ground beef out of the freezer for a boxed meal we managed to not eat this week somehow. Also, a chicken breast I want to make chicken salad with for the weekend. Then there’s Rocky’s food for the weekend and dinner tonight is crockpot nachos (which we will add rice to and make burritos). Then obviously there will be a huge amount of dishes.... but if I can get these books done before he leaves I’ll go with and make all the foods when I get back. SO I guess I better get on with it.

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