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  • May 4, 2022, 10:48 a.m.
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I got bad news this morning that will lead to a bunch more stress.... yeah!. I was not approved for FLMA this time as of the 13th of April I am no longer have a position saved for me at Envision. Symetra is sending me paperwork on how to appeal. Which I will NEED to do because at this time I am still getting dizzy. Not as much with the stress having been reduced with not working.... probably will increase now… thanks Symetra....

I haven’t discussed this with Rocky yet as I literally just learned this 5 mins ago. I also sent a message to the doctor about it: I am not sure what to do next. I am waiting on a paper to appeal a denial of FMLA. Symetra feels as though there is nothing preventing me from doing my job. I do not understand how that is possible. I barely walk around my house without needing to grasp something for balance. I seriously, fell into the counter in the kitchen yesterday because I reached for something and lost my balance. As soon as I get the information for the appeal I will be sending that along to your office.

I’m honestly 2cm from having a good cry over it.

However, bills still need to be paid so I guess I’m taking that money out of the e-fund today being as there is no way it will be sorted before the 16th (late fee charged after that).

I was honestly so sure I’d be approved again and I’d managed to not stress about it soo much.... but now.... wtf....

10:45am.... I need to talk and Rocky’s asleep still....

J.E. May 04, 2022

big hugs
That's awful.

Perpetually Plump May 04, 2022

I bet they denied it hoping you'd just say okay and not bother with an appeal. I'm sorry for the frustration and stress you're experiencing!

lessoff May 04, 2022

my friend steven got denied FMLA, somehow managed to come back to work after 9 months with no questioning really. (he was out because he was suicidal). but he has also worked for the same company for the past 15 years or so.

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