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  • April 29, 2022, 9:06 a.m.
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Yesterday went well for the most part. I decided to go with Rocky to the plasma place. I asked if they’d had any cancellations that morning and if they could check my veins again. Unfortunately, between being overweight and it being possible that my veins are just genetically small.... I will not be able to contribute. Sad really. I was hopeful that could be the bulk of something. Whether it is getting this book thing off the ground or paying for some of my part of bills when I eventually don’t go back to work. .... $600-1000 would be a big help.

Decided to go scan books at Goodwill not too far from the plasma center. I scanned EVERY book for about an hour before I started being super selective and getting dizzy. Decided to stop and head to Walmart. There were 3 items I was going to pick up before picking Rocky up. He messaged me that he was almost done just as I had pulled into a parking spot. Only spent about 20 mins in the parking lot waiting for him, which was enough to calm the imbalances.

When I’d started scanning books I saw that I’d gotten my first sale in the FBA bookstore! Finally! lol

We hit the Walmart to get some parmesan cheese for manicotti he’d requested for lunches and some sauerkraut that I had for myself for food this weekend. I also got a couple of cans of chickpeas. I saw a thing on the TikTok for a snacky item that looked so good. I’m working on perfecting it for the oven, the recipe was for an air fryer. So far it’s 425 for 25 mins.... they were too soft at 20 mins. It’s like, drain the cans, rinse the peas, dry them off a bit and toss in a bowl with tsp olive oil and seasonings of choice. The first batch I cooked too long (35) and they ended up pretty burnt. I also need to cook some fish today. We were supposed to eat it last night but Rocky went to bed after getting home from Walmart and stayed asleep till I went to bed. He got up and had a chicken sandwich.

The A/C guy is coming again today they are scheduled at noon. I’ll check the bank in a bit for Rocky’s paycheck so we can pay for the $75 cleaning.

I did manage to find some good (fast/fun) work when we got back yesterday and made my goal as well as work ahead a whole day. Today’s goal is 10.51 and if I can get that fairly early 21.35. This morning I had some playtests/user tests to do. Excited about that because this game testing one said once every 2 weeks. I’ve gotten 3 in 2 weeks. So far the total money made from user sites is $47 :). It’s hanging out on Paypal and will stay there till I’ve got 100 or so.

Got an email yesterday from the Neurologist saying we hadn’t discussed me being out of work.... talked with Rocky and I’d literally said “I don’t think returning to work right now is a good option for me” and she agreed to fill out the FMLA paperwork which I left with her. She said Symetra was calling asking if she thought they would be able to provide accommodations to support restrictions. I replied to her that because of the dizziness when walking too much/ too far I know accommodations at my job are not possible. They did get that message before 5pm yesterday but I don’t see getting approval till later today..... was hopeful to get approved yesterday. ..... It is what it is. Prepare for another week with a tight wallet.

So, it is now generally a quiet day. Just the normal dishes, laundry, clean up some, MTurk. I am debating abandoning MTurk this afternoon to go check out a thrift store.... or finish a crochet project but Rocky said he’d take me to the Goodwill Outlet Monday if I don’t go this weekend. I should move the $47 from testing for books. shrugs

Oh yeah, scheduled surgery! The 22nd of June. After the trip and all. There were going to be some complications with getting a COVID test while I was in MI for Destiny’s wedding. Just too much stress so it will be the 22nd. I’m super excited. I can’t wait to hear again.... 2 speakers on one side of my computer.... not being able to hear music in the car if Rocky is talking.... turning things up really loud.... I’m ready to put in the work to get to hear again!

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