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  • April 14, 2022, 8:29 a.m.
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I feel like I have yet to recover from staying up later to watch the play :(.

Monday, William messaged me asking to meet up at Game Terminal in Nashville for food, drinks and catch up. It was a great time. We got a “tower” of margarita (100oz) and though it was supposed to be split on the 2 bills.... it was put all on my card. rolls eyes it’s fine. Not likely to go again anyways. We’d walked around and played a couple games but they didn’t really have anything anyone WANTED to play. We did end up all playing TMNT basic button mashing, no skill lol. At the beginning I told them Congrats, they are now officially engaged.... I think it’s funny that her ring looks like mine with the exception that hers is a square cut and mines a heart.... also mines a good bit bigger. They have 10 kids total so that’s no shock. I hope they don’t get married though because.... later in the evening when the boys had wondered off Nicole told me that just a few weeks before he asked her to marry him he’d told her he wasn’t ïn love with her”.... I honestly hate that for her. However, I took a few moments to tell her that just because he said that doesn’t mean he won’t always be there. I’ve not been ïn love” with Rocky for a long time but I would never want to hurt him..... and blah blah blah. Asking the couple when the date was William was very “sometime” about it.... I understand. All in all it was really nice to see them.

However, I had way to much to drink and Tuesday is a blur to me. I know we did stuff but I can’t remember.

Yesterday was the appointment to the Neurologist. She looked over the MRI and she said there are a few lesions, it’s not abnormal but she’d like me to go for another MRI on my neck. She’s also going to fill out the paperwork for me to stay out of work again. I failed this test she has me take every time where I stand arms extended and close my eyes. I fell into her twice. I also had a few woozie steps walking across the small office. I was very happy with the visit as those things happen everyday!.... but usually I’m well rested and the visit is the biggest thing to happen in 2 weeks. This time I was real tired and dizzy.

Rocky’s got an appointment this morning.... a follow up on his CPAP with the ENT at 9:20.....

It stormed bad last night.... I woke twice with a jump because of Thunder. Destiny is off today so when I woke at 1:30 I tried to sleep in the chair.... then the guest room and back to the chair… getting up for good at 5:30..... I don’t feel as bad as I did yesterday, still tired though.

Talked to my mom Tuesday. Told her about the Cochlear implant .... got updates on sister and nephew. Joshua is back to just general chaos. He tried to stab David with a pair of scissors and has threatened to shoot up the school.... so mom is looking into residential mental health for him. Alicen (my sister) has apparently been telling people at where she lives that she has money. Meanwhile mom somehow messed up on when to take money out of Alicen’s account and now has to recertify Alicen for SSI. In the meantime she will have to fork over $300 a month to keep her there :(. She’s thinking about moving Alicen in with her if she can get Joshua into a residential situation. I guess that’s her call… as long as Joshua and Alicen aren’t there together.... whatever mom thinks is best.... I guess.

Now that I’m sure I’ll get approval to remain out of work I’ll look into getting my first book to review and put in a few applications for work via Upwork. I’d also like to go do some sourcing at GoodWill this weekend for the Amazon FBA store I’m opening. Obviously, those things depend on if I can get some rest and get my shit together long enough to go on my own.

Time to wake Rocky up and get this day started I guess....

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