Fun Home-homophobia in Second 1st

  • April 7, 2022, 7:59 a.m.
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It was a great show last night. Sammy met us at the door and sat us before going off with some friends. He checked on us twice before the show started (once just to make sure I could hear okay). The smaller crowd was very energetic as it was made up of mostly college kids who were there because of a class or to cheer on friends, with the exception of some financial contributors from some arts society.

I mention the arts society because .... well something happened that I wasn’t aware of till after the show. In Fun Home you watch 3 stages of a woman’s life. This woman happens to be gay but honestly as you watch the show it’s more about her trying to figure out why her father killed himself. It begins with Allison realizing she’s the same age as her dad was when he killed himself. Realizing how alike they are and trying to figure out the why. He’d killed himself only 4 months after she told her parents she was a lesbian. Honestly, I thought it was a lovely story of discovery with the exception that her dad was a cheating asshole who maybe liked BOYS :(. It was eluded to that he’d been with minors :( . However, this was in the eyes of his child so there isn’t much there.

There is a scene in which she’s in college and after telling a lesbian friend about recently discovery her gayness they kiss. It’s very endearing. They jump into bed and the one actress takes her pants off under the covers. Most of us were hooting and hollering, excited at Allison’s moment. However, a couple in the art society didn’t think it appropriate. According to Sammy they “hollered some slur that I’m sure the actors heard” and left. At the end of the night I honestly am more offended by the dad possibly having sex with minors and cheating on his wife..... lol .... homophobia can be so funny. Fuck them! It was a great show!

When we left it was about 9:30 and my eyes wouldn’t quit watering.... to a point Sammy thought I was crying about being angry about the homophobia. My head has started to hurt around 8:30 and honestly, when the lights came up, it was too much. I didn’t wake till 4:30 and skipped the morning call with Destiny, I’d messaged her before the show to give her a heads up.

Today, Chiropractor and zoom meeting with Med-El about what parts specifically I’d like to order for my cochlear implant at noon. Then, there is a short list of things I’d really like to get accomplished..... Rocky wants to mow the lawn.... I want him to get this damn battery back in the van.... then I finally got the last paper for the last car tag, so we can do that.... a run to Aldi’s and Kroger, then I think we are good for the weekend. I haven’t heard back from the Neuro yet.

I’ve spent the last few days looking up new ways to make money online through suggestions on Tik Tok. Signed up with a few new sites I’d never heard of.... even took a test to become a game tester.... It’s been a process.... each site … you really can’t tell what you get until you are all signed up. Like even in the example of the game testing site. Only AFTER taking the test and being approved to test did they say you’ll get one game to test ever other week..... Oh, well maybe that’s not worth it… we will see. There was one, Upwork, that seemed to have a few positions open for light bookkeeping. Once I get through this long list of other sites to check out I may apply. Also, kind of want to wait till I’m approved or not to stay out of work. When leaving the theater last night I was getting “OMG, how is she drunk” looks. Stairs were very difficult and the sidewalk was like in a funhouse.... each panel of concrete slanted in a different direction. I would swear it wasn’t like that on the way in. smh Also, discovered a site that will pay you to review books. I’m a low reader so I’m a bit apprehensive about doint it. The first review is unpaid and there is a grading system based on guidelines for the review. After signing up and reading the guidelines I have no reservations that I can provide what they ask for. It’s the 14 day time limit on the reading that I’m not so sure about. I guess we will see. it’s on my list of things to do this weekend to figure out how to download a book to my phone. Then, to figure out how to request my first book and find some time to read it..... after I go through this list anyways lol....

gravity April 07, 2022

People are so dumb!! Don’t they know anything about the play they’re seeing?!

I read the book years ago and it’s great!

JHkerriokey gravity ⋅ April 07, 2022

You would think being part of the ärt society" they would. I did not as I was going to check out the last play my brother in law would be involved in. I was not foolish enough to think college kids would shy away from important issues like LGBTQ+ REPRESENTATION though. lol

Hotaru April 07, 2022

A job reviewing books would be right up my alley. But then I’m also picky about what I read too, so maybe not.

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