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  • April 5, 2022, 3:12 p.m.
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So, it’s been a minute, cause that’s just how I do. Destiny’s FB account was hacked and I got asked for $150. I was able to send her money but I sent it along preestablished routes. She called me and sent it back explaining that she’d been hacked. Jake sent $60 to an email not Destiny’s.... guess who’s just not that bright? lol poor guy :(. Destiny actually asked to borrow $30 this morning, problem is I can’t loan it to her. She’d borrowed $30 Friday and unless she’s ready to pay back $60 on Friday.... nah… she said she’ll manage which means she could have managed before she asked..... smh. She also sent me a message from her new bride’s maid backing out ;(. She’s upset she has a dress no one will be wearing.... smh feels like a bit of a cry baby situation to me. Just rearrange your line up and let’s get on with it.... something may come up but don’t worry about it, ya know?

As far as the previous entry.... I don’t usually even answer from numbers I don’t know.... but with the cochlear implant waiting on the insurance company.... I have to right now :(.

Had a major heart attack yesterday when I got a text message saying there was a withdraw on our bank account for 879.....I hopped up from my chair and made a dive to investigate. Was all panic mode till my dumbass realized.... It’s Monday and I paid the house note Friday afternoon.... It’s the dang house note calm down girl! lol spent some time calming the spin I got from that lol

Wrote a message to the Neurologist. I see her the 13th. The 13th is the last pre-approved day from FMLA. So, I’m starting to get worried. I mean no reason I should be worried. It’s just that if I was in complete control of paperwork I’d have it turned in now. This is the message:

I have an appointment to see you the 13th but I wanted to give you a heads up. It appears the results from the MRI are in if you’d like to take a look before the visit. Also, wanted to let you know I’m down to about 1 migraine every 2 weeks or so, seemingly more to do with weather. This a great improvement as they aren’t as intense as they had been either. I am still having dizziness everyday and wanted to ask if you would support my FMLA claim to continue to refrain from work. I am falling pretty randomly about once a week and in a factory setting that doesn’t feel safe at all. I am currently approved till April 13th and if you will not support the FMLA claim I would like to know if I need to seek support elsewhere as I honestly have no intention of subjecting myself to the risks I would be taking.

Had lunch with Sammy the other day. Graduates May 7th. Wanted to make sure we’d put in for vacation time for the date being as we both work weekends (though I’m not currently working). Sammy is currently working on a play at MTSU that is showing this weekend. We are hopeful to get in to see it pre-production tomorrow. He was supposed to send us a time and place.... I’ve got to remind Rocky to ask again :(.

314 from 328. Really feel like I”m doing well.... don’t “feel” and better but at least the scale is moving in the right direction however slow that may be.

Started some plants in some solo cups on my kitchen table. Started with some tomato and green pepper. A week later added some zucchini and some sunflowers. We also bought a bunch of wild flowers to sprinkle in the ditch. For the bees..... The tomato plants are the only one sprouted so far but if I managed those alone I’d probably be pretty happy.... summer matter sammy!

I feel like none of this feels connected but I typed out stuff early this morning and am getting to it all 12 hours later..... better to type out facto cut and dry stuff than not post at all....

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