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  • April 1, 2022, 11:49 a.m.
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I just spent a half hour talking to some guy who called..... and am now fighting super spins from stressing out. Claimed he was with CBP (U.S. Customs and Border control). That my information was on a package with drugs in it. Not being mailed to my address but with my phone # and name, to some place in El Paso, Tx.

He talked about about a court case against me for the drugs and freezing assets “don’t give me any account numbers or anything” and this is being recorded and.... The more detailed it was the more stressed I got.... I’ve got a case#… and Ï’m filling out an ADR on your behalf. It’s the first of 2 options the other option is to get a lawyer and come to Texas to fight the case.”..... after filling out an ADR #322GHT7741

The first guy used the internet in a stupid way to verify his phone number.... is from CBP.... it didn’t quiet click with me.... but, maybe I just don’t know.... SO.... after he gave me instructions on what to do for this ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) he would have a U.S. Marshall call.... so I partially listened to his instructions and he asked if I understood. ....

NO, I do not. I do not understand that if you are going to freeze anything with my Social why I would have to take all my money out of my account and put it in a BIT machine. “Would you like to talk to a U.S. Marshall first?” “Yes. Please transfer me.” By this time I’d typed BIT machine into google and discovered it’s literally a bit coin converter. The guy had been saying I’ll be able to take the money right back out, which only broke me from the fear of a drug case enough to realize NAH this is messed up. If they are going to freeze everything then they can just as easily KNOW what I have and not need verification via a BIT machine. Apparently there are 4 bank accounts in my name connected with the drug ring they discovered..... surely they will able to separate mine with those.... based on what’s in it, alone....

So, Marshall comes on the line. “Name is blah blah Deputy director of the U.S. Marshalls office. What are your concerns with the ADR.” I shared and added that I no longer believe they are who they say they are and he tried the same trick with google. Yes, I can verify that a man with the same name works in the position he says he’s in. He talked like verifying that the domain was .gov verified he worked for the government..... wow… nah bro.... I straight told him… “No, this proves that when you search U.S. Marshall the office info comes up and that you are using the same name and title as the man in this job. I’m going to hang up now and call this number next to his name.” without another word I did so..... and a woman picked up. “U.S. Marshall’s office how may I direct your call.” “Yes mam’ I just got a call from Deputy blah blah about a drug case in which they are going to freeze my Social Security number.” “Oh, yeah that’s a scam.” “Thought so, just calling to verify, sorry to waste your time.” “Good job, have a great day.”

Deleted user April 01, 2022

Scary shit. Amazing the lengths some go to to create such scams. I have noticed some simple things in email such as the ones about you need to call us about the purchase you made at or we have your winnings or the money from _ for you. Or you owe ____on a non existent credit card. I recently got a letter from my states treasury department and was suspicious of it but it DID check out. Good for you that you got that resolved and did not go with it.

Deleted user April 01, 2022

That's just scary the lengths that they go to trick people out of info and money your pretty sharp to have caught on so quickly. I never answer the phone unless it's someone I know. lol I just block numbers I don't know. lol

❤️vee April 01, 2022

I've had a lot of elderly patients with that same issue, except the old way of scamming people was for them to buy gift cards and give the scammers the gift card information!

lessoff April 01, 2022

I wouldnt even engage people like this. i believe if they were really going to stop your social security money then you would get a certified letter that would need a signature.

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