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  • March 25, 2022, 8:43 p.m.
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Here we are. I taught class this morning from the beach house with a window opened on Zoom with the view. A variation on a Room with a View.

It is a lovely day. 56 degrees and clear and sunny. At least this afternoon. Mild wind from the southwest. The waves aren’t very exciting but there are still surfers out there. There are lots of families and everyone with a happy dog (or two). It is spring break here, so more people than usual for us in the spring.

We kept the food prep to a minimum. Kes and Most Honorable made a tuna noodle casserole with mushrooms and no potato chips on top to bring. And cookies, basic oatmeal cookies with a few chocolate chips. Speaking of chips, we are having fish n’ chips for dinner. As one does. The local brewpub makes a nice coleslaw. Not something I normally enjoy. But yum.

Because of the tides I need to walk later than normal. We are out here three weeks earlier than usual because of the increase in bookings by folks who wanted to stay somewhat local here as we phase out of the pandemic. We booked this week six months ago. Therefore, different tides.

Most Honorable and I went out earlier and did the 4 mile or so loop. He walks faster than I do (longer legs, lighter) so that was good for my cardiovascular fitness. If he slows down just a tad, it is perfect.

We are so grateful to be out here. With Kes’s health crisis at the end of last year it was looking iffy, but she is stable and got an all clear on her CT scan of her vital organs last week.

Just wanted to check in and share last night’s sunset.

Hope you are well.

mcbee March 26, 2022

Beautiful picture!

Zipster March 27, 2022

That photo is a beaut. Print it on canvas and hang it on the wall good! So glad you have this time there and that Kes is doing well.

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