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  • March 22, 2022, 6:33 p.m.
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It has been a big day. Rocky went to bed with me and we were both asleep at around 8ish. I woke at 12:30 and moved to the chair, and struggled… moved to the guest room and struggled.... but napped a bit before Rocky got up at 4. We left about 5:15. Got coffee and a couple sausage McGriddles for breakfast. We were there at 6:10 but didn’t need to be there till 7:40. This is an unfortunate side effect of accounting for morning traffic. Rocky played games on his phone and I crocheted. Till we went in at just after 7.....

First appointment was the most important. Hearing tests .... I hate them.... There was one that I’d not done before.... Rocky was in the room with me and apparently there was a speaker that was playing sentences to the room. I was supposed to repeat any I heard. I told her this was going to be funny because I will say what I think I hear and it won’t even be close. However, she played static in my left ear and I heard absolutely nothing. So much so that I kept looking at Rocky with quiz eyes “you hear anything?” He’d nod at me but I would swear the test hadn’t started yet.

After that was a sit down to talk about options and the awful tinnitus. Then, they pulled out the model.... this is what/how we do the implant.... and which model would you like/ These are our 3 options and some of their features. I was so happy to have Rocky. I was so excited I was even eligible that I was all about “what color can I get?” “What customizations can I make?” I even asked about changing shampoo and cutting my hair (neither will happen) lol.... all vain stuff really. Rocky was the sane one. He asked about being able to listen to music and streaming audio, battery life, and replacement. Honestly, after worrying about it none of that mattered to me lol ALL of the models shown were better than what I have (which is no hearing at all in my right). I’ll take whatever the insurance will pay for lol

Moving on to the next appointment 2 floors down, I told the nurse while walking it that I honestly wasn’t sure why I was there. I was a bit confused because I’d for sure made the decision to do it. Then Rocky said “Maybe he’s a surgeon”.... Nurse confirmed. I guess for most people who are a candidate for the operation got through with it and the itinerary they set up is just the most efficient. .... So quick talk with the surgeon. “The surgery takes about 2 hours, but in my hands we will have it done in an hour, in and out in the same day.”.... risks mentioned and finally he requested that I get a pneumonia shot as it is a big but preventable risk. Sure.... when… now?… oh, okay. Nurse came back in and stuck me. Done, move on.... see you before surgery, all goes well....

Running a good hour earlier than the itinerary at this point we had no trouble making it to the second location at an imaging clinic only a couple blocks away. Even after insurance the MRI I needed was going to be $430! I sure wish someone would have told me because I probably could have sorted that out and paid it. However, I started to panic and asked how little I could pay to be able to get it done..... 120 something later.... I was in the dang thing 28 mins.... WHEW! Also they had to stick me twice for the contrast....

All told I’d been subjected to medical stuff and waiting for 5 hours.

Left there and had Fattoush Cafe (apperently featured on Guy Ferera’s show) for lunch, only 1/2 a mile from the imaging place! I ate way less than I excepted I would. BTW calorie counting is doing good for me. (315 from 328)

Then, we hit McKay’s where I was able to find 4 more DragonLance books I didn’t have yet.

I’m honestly real worn out. I napped a bit in the car on the way home. I also called and attempted to cancel the ENT appointment I have tomorrow. WHY? .... because it’s with the doctor that didn’t really want to put me off work. I have no real reason to see him because the audiologist said my ears look fine (no fluid or anything)… I think I’ll be okay with the visits I have set up with the ENT at Vandy. I won’t have to listen to him tell me I shouldn’t be dizzy because his other 199 patient with Meniere’s aren’t...... I don’t need that kind of negativity.

We stopped by The Galleria mall in Cool Springs to see about another phone case so our phones can stop looking the same.... and now we are home.

I’ve got about 2 hours to figure out a low calorie dinner and work on the crochet project I’m currently working on. It’s ugly ya’ll.... but it wasn’t meant to be cute. I’m trying to use up the colors/yarn I would not have chosen. So, I decided on a pouch of sorts for my crochet stuff. Looks like the project will eliminate 2 colors out of the 5 I’m using.... and when it’s over I’ll have a functional but ugly little travel case for my hooks, stitch markers, and scissors. I also plan on doing some kind of writing on the outside of it after assembly.... “Hooker” “I don’t knit, I crochet.” “keep your hands off my ballsack”.... or something cute/fun/maybe slightly offensive to some Karen.

That’s it, excited AF .... I will calm down soon but right now I can’t wait for insurance approval and a phone call for scheduling surgery. Eligibility testing.... DONE!

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