Stress in Phoenix Rises Again

  • March 17, 2022, 9:35 a.m.
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All the stress and anxiety from being constantly around my triggers is wearing me down. I’m shutting down. Avoiding people. Feel overwhelmed all the time. Dont have a safe place to chill and cope with things. No space for my coping mechanisms and bo control over my environment. Things are starting to feel hopeless.

Anyway I have therapy today so maybe that’ll help. My son is getting worse too, but at least his teachers keep me informed. I wish Morgan would come back from St. Louis and move in with me again. He’s alot to handle but he was so helpful too. I miss him.

Positivity Time

Computer is almost fixed.
Car is driveable even if its bot in great shape.
Might actually lose weight on this new diet my doctor put me on.
Son’s dad came back into town.
Shouldn’t be too long before I can work again.
Been talking to an old friend who has a kid around my son’s age.

That’ll do for now.

Sleepy-Eyed John March 17, 2022

I get this. In a big way.

Sleepy-Eyed John March 17, 2022

Try Daily Calm 10 minute meditation videos on YouTube. Game changer.

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