As much as I hate DST in Second 1st

  • March 15, 2022, 6:10 a.m.
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I’m thankful for it this year. Why? because it ruined Rocky’s plans yesterday lol. We have 3 vehicles and for 3 months in a row the tags need to be renewed. Yesterday, Rocky didn’t get up till 1pm. We went and got something to eat .... then the place we ate is right next to 2 major grocery stores so we did that.... then he was like “We will just run through the drive through at the clerks office”.... we get there and it’s closed. I have not fixed the clock in my car yet..... I will today.... but I hadn’t… so he was all “Oh man, day light savings sucks.” and I was all like “yeah but if you got up at 11 or some other more normal morning time that wouldn’t have happened either.” I’m now going to use this situation as an example for a while.

I finally broke down and started watching Tic Toc.... yes, it took this long.... 2 big reasons… one Is I knew I’d get sucked in and watch it for hours at a time. It would be dumb time wasting videos and I would loose hours. Second reason.... well I mean kind a the same as the first… they would be DUMB. It’s not like I would gain any personal or financial growth. Then.... last night my mind wondered.... I ended up opening the app that came preloaded on my new phone and down the rabbit hole I went. I saw a bunch of interesting things about crochet… selling things online.... and ways to make money online. I’ll be investigating some things today.... probably watching more Tic Toc too because I didn’t click the heart on most of those videos I should have.... I was awake till 1am!…

I’m shocked I have no major issues this morning but plan on taking a nap in the chair as soon as I finish this entry. I’d woken up just in time to talk to Destiny on her way to work. She got her taxes back and sent me the money I loaned her. YAY! Also, Rocky got Todd to come over after work yesterday to give him the title he should have picked up in August and the spare key we’d found awhile back. So, we don’t have to worry about him anymore officially non-business.

That’s all that’s important I guess. :)

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