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  • March 14, 2022, 11:08 a.m.
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Feeling pretty good about what I accomplished this weekend even though I only finished about half the living room. I apparently guessed right as to which game consoles Rocky plays compared to which ones are currently hooked up. .... or not currently anymore. Once upon a time I thought they would all look nice displayed in one of those cube shelves but the ones I got are too small. You can put a console in the square but it won’t be use able because the place where the cords attach will be on the sides :(.... currently it’s storing 2 Xboxes, 2 Playstations, a Sega Genesis, a mini Super Nintendo, a Wii, about 1,000 various disc/CD/games/movies.... even some Nintendo games.... On top are various empty DVD/game cases because Rocky never puts the discs back and leaves the things laying everywhere but gets upset if I throw out the cases .... Also, on top is the most recent Xbox and his Switch. Under the TV is the box for Uncharted 3 deluxe version thing.... another 2 Xboxes because they won’t fit shoved into a square and whatever PS console he’s currently playing. I finally got all his wires off the floor! It looks decent BUT I think I just want to get a large wire rack so they can be displayed proper....

AN HOUR LATER.... so I mentally just built him the setup I’m thinking of for around $300. Got all hyped about waking him up to go to Lowe’s then talked myself out of it because we are in saving mode for the trip in June.... sigh I really want to get the living room in better order… as I do the rest of the house.... I just want the time I’ve been home to be seen… like.... this wouldn’t look so nice if Jen was still working....BUT as a point in talking myself out of it I think I could manage to do it alone and it would be a nice surprise..... just one day go to work and come home to all the consoles all nice and neat all hooked up to a switch box.

Either way.... sometime this week we need to go renew tags on one of the vehicles .... 2 of 3… last one next month. Last week Rocky attempted to move the van and the battery was dead. he’s going to charge that then we have some stuff to take to the dump. Then, putting up the things we’ve already bought for the garage/shed. After that the only thing I can think that we need is groceries. I hope it proves to be a quiet week.... next week.. on Tuesday is the Cochlear ear evaluation and MRI.

I’ve almost finished the coffee cup cozy’s .... I’ve got ends to weave in and buttons to put on this week and will likely get them listed on Thursday… or Friday.... I’ll put some pictures here when I do.

I guess I should get back to work on the living room while Rocky is still asleep.

Hotaru March 14, 2022

That’s a lot of game consoles. Meanwhile we’re going through our basement trying to decide what systems we can part with. The dreamcast is going for sure and I know we’re keeping the SNES, but we can’t agree on the others.

JHkerriokey Hotaru ⋅ March 15, 2022

Maybe evaluate them based on what kind of hook ups to the back of the TV.... or most beloved games. Personally, I couldn't stand to part with any and don't expect my husband to. My brother is a huge gamer and has an even collection. I often say "I'm no gamer but I have gamer understanding."

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