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  • March 11, 2022, 9:15 a.m.
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Rocky had decided that we weren’t going to grab anything to eat till we got to Nashville Wednesday. I practically begged to get a small chai tea from Dutch Bros on the way out. Glad I did because he wanted to eat at Sushi Train but the close for a break from 3:00 or so to 4:30. We showed with 15 mins to spare and were kind of turned away. Can’t blame them I wouldn’t want to waste that food either.

So we hit Trader Joes, where I found some smoky BBQ flavored coconut aminos. I’ve been pretty happy with the swap from soy sauce to the coconut aminos (less salty more sweet) and am pretty excited to try this BBQ flavor. I’ve got a pork roast on the list for next weeks groceries for sure.

Then, we hit The Container Store and I spent way too much time looking at everything lol. It’s an organizers dream really. They have everything!. I got my gravity rack and we got a couple metal peg boards for the garage. We also got like a dozen small plastic bins for screws and stuff and a metal thing they hang on. Rocky got some dividers for those plastic bins so each one will be like having 2. I also got a pack of these little cord keepers only a pack of 12 and in like 6 colors (same price). Can’t wait to put them to use as my phone charging cord in the living room got caught in the recliner part of my chair yesterday.

We walked around the mall the store is attached to .... it’s a worthless mall… every other store in that mall is for the rich. … Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Kate Spade.... not even one store we wanted to walk into, but we knew that before we went… it’s why The Container Store is a trip on it’s own and not a trip to The Mall at Green Hills.

It was a great day honestly, except.... Rocky kind of asked an accusing question once.... we’d been walking a bit and at one point I pulled him to the right pretty hard and he was all “Did you mean to do that? I thought we were going this way.” I was all like. “Lucky me your holding my hand because I was falling honestly.” He then decided we were done walking and it was time to leave the mall. LOL.....

We’d spent enough time anyway and were able to hit Sushi Train for a late lunch/early dinner. Then drive home. By the time we got home it was 6:30 so I went to bed. My head was all messed up anyway....

Yesterday, the biggest running we had was picking up 1 med at the pharmacy.... Rocky cooked up the steaks for dinner. I’ve got leftovers for food for dinner today. I made latkes for breakfast and ate 1/2 of them (will eat the others tomorrow).

I plan on going out today. I’d like to get some ingredients to make the Christmas Morning Chai tea at home. Rocky is getting coffee at Dutch Bros all weekend and honestly I think during the week he’s a bit burned out. Aside from saving money it will allow me to have one on the weekends without leaving the house and spending more money on things I don’t need.... namely fast food lol. I do however plan on hitting Taco Bell for lunch.

I haven’t worked this morning… I woke at 1:15 and got dressed.... then tried to sleep in my chair … and moved to the guest room.... I didn’t wake till 5:15.... and i didn’t get anything off the 7am pulls at all :(

Talked to Destiny this morning who gave me a confirmation that Terri (the ex-bridesmaid) is back on drugs. Apparently, she bought 32 methadone (10mg) from someone Destiny knows on Feb. 8th + 9th (total) “for a disabled friend”. The discussion with Destiny about money and not having enough for her party was March 3rd so my guess is she started feeling the bill crunch.... or out of drugs.... so my $200 went to one of those for sure.

Feeling pretty clear today.... ear is a little loud but it’s not as bad as it was yesterday.... whoo! yesterday it was like a train was running through my head all day.... had to keep asking about “do you hear a buzz?” This morning I can at least tell it’s my ear and not that the silence is too loud.

The plan to start organizing is Monday. Today I’m doing the maintenance cleaning on the Kitchen and Dining room.... just general clean up/wipe down counters. Tomorrow I start on the living room.... might start on it today. I’ve got a pile of books to put into the Dragon Lance collection (it’s currently in Chronological order except those). Rocky has empty cases everywhere and CD’s/DVD’s piled at the TV..... Once Rocky gets the stuff put up in the garage I’ll have to spend a good 2 days in the laundry room moving stuff the the garage. I’m gonna be so happy lol

I also need to work on clearing sold items out of the apps so I can start working on relisting what we have. That was a project on my list to do before returning to work .... April 13th (if possible, doubtful).... I’d still like to reach that goal.

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