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  • March 9, 2022, 6:44 a.m.
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Rocky went around singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” yesterday. Asked him about it once.....

Monday when he got up I told him I’d applied for credit cards at Lowe’s and Home Depot so we could get a lawn mower. The plan was to get a zero-turn. Then we won’t need Todd to come by this year and won’t be paying him $80 every 2 weeks!.... and now that Rocky’s doing so much better AND works weekends.... there really is no excuse other than time it takes to do it and with a new zero turn.... blah blah blah.... k anyways…

I applied for a project card at Home Depot and got approved for $10,000 and only $1,200 on a Lowe’s card. There is a dealer for some big brands up the road Rocky wanted to stop at. Once asking the dealer about financing it was pretty much so done. Though both Home Depot and Lowe’s had 6 moths same as cash the dealer had 0% for 32-46 months.... so we picked one out… that was to be delivered for free (because we live close). We got a Hustler Raptor X and will be paying 89 a month.... till we get back from the wedding in June. Then it’s the thing we will hit hard.

We then went out and got a couple ramps. I’d like to have a concrete one built but for now we just need to reliably store our new mower in our new shed.

Then, because we financed the whole of the mower we had plenty to get Rocky a new phone. This is a must. Especially because we got me a new one just a week ago. His had unreliable connection. The new one at least has a Wi-Fi calling option when he’s at home so the connection will be better.

I also sent Destiny $420 for her invites for her wedding. She will send the money back when she gets her federal taxes back. This morning she said she got her state taxes back yesterday.... so should be a week or so.

Now anything left will get forwarded to the savings account for the trip and the only not exclusive trip thing is to.

Rocky was talking about going to The Container Store. I’d like a gravity rack for the canned foods in the pantry cabinet. It’s no big deal honestly, we don’t NEED it. Other than that I expect we will just hang out at home the rest of the week.

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