I thought we were older than drama like this in Second 1st

  • March 4, 2022, 4:10 p.m.
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OMG..... so… .... this morning I sent out tow messages. I did it way earlier than I expected those people to be awake. That way they wouldn’t respond right away or think “know I saw” their response.

1 was to Todd. To let him know that we need to schedule a time for him to drop by and get the title and that we wouldn’t need him to mow this year. I wanted to get this done because the lawns starting to look questionable and I expect it to be a thing by the end of the week being as it’s going to be in the 70s till Monday.

2 is the big dramatic reason for this entry. I sent a message to Terri… Destiny’s bridesmaid.... : Honestly, not sure why you involved Destiny. Can get the info for your daughters CashApp so I can send you some money like I asked in January.....and an email so I can send you game instructions/ info?

Terri: Because she’s my friend n I’m going through a hard time so I needed to talk to her.... I’m 40, if I felt like I needed my friend for something I was gonna involve. And like you asked in January? I didn’t know any damn info in January Games I can handle I’m keeping it simple. But don’t ever come after Me in messed or any other way with the attitude u just had I’m getting my daughter’s cashapp info as soon as she sends it. They take fees out so keep that in mind when sending it

Me: Seriously, not meaning to tick you off just a bit put out that you didn’t talk to me before thinking you might not be able to do it. I know you didn’t know anything in Jan. You did however say you’d let me know when you did know something. Of course going to Destiny as a friend because you are having a hard time is not the issue at all. We all need friends to lean on sometimes. I just don’t know why you would worry her with the money for the party when I said I’d send some. I’m not trying to start something, I like you. I can send you like $200 this week and another $100 next if that works for you?

Terri: Because I almost backed out of EVERYTHING!!!!! That was my original plan. But once I began talking to her I decided to just stress on some points Yeah that works I’m trying to get my daughter to answer idk what she’s doing

Me: no problem, I’ll set the $200 aside and if it’s as late as Friday (next week) before you get the info I’ll have $300 to give you then

Then, she sent me some random screenshot of the receipt of someone paying her daughter some money.... I tried to use the info I found on there to send money but I couldn’t find her.

Me: Is that CashApp? or PayPal. I typed in her name but CashApp can’t find her.

We straightened that out and I sent $200.... she thanked me and let her know I’d send another $100 this next week if she needed it.

Moving on....

Got a message from Destiny with a series of screen shots of her conversation with Terri. Terri asked if she could wear a shawl or something to cover her arms and Destiny asked her not to. It turned into Terri throwing a few insults and telling Destiny to come get her dress it will be on the porch at 7:30 in a trash bag. She backed out of everything.... with my $200.... she blocked me on FB … and I can’t message her daughter.... so that’s cool.

I have sent a personal request for the money back.... and Destiny said I need to see if I can cancel the transaction.... after messaging support they said they could not. That basically the only chance of getting that money back would be Hannah (her daughter) sending me back the money. While typing this she declined my request.

I then went back to the original transaction and reported it as a scam. Which put in another request for the $200 to Hannah. I have no doubt she will also decline it.....

I hate that I’ve got to tell Rocky about this when he gets home/before work in the morning. .... That I can’t do anything about it.... and That the dang Bridal Shower may be ruined.... as the child in charge is obviously a selfish bitch.

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