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  • March 4, 2022, 4:39 a.m.
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This entry is going to be a bit or a rant just so you are aware. Yesterday, though it turned out okay was a bit cluster fucked.

I woke at my usual way to early and did the 3am stuff then turned off the auto pulls because Destiny said she didn’t have to work Thursday, Friday, or Saturday this week. So I figured I’d fall back to sleep on the chair and not be able to wake naturally. However, I woke to a single message asking if I was up at 4:45 because she volunteered for some hours.

We had a chiropractic appointment (free monthly adjustments) yesterday so Rocky got up at a decent time (8:30, appointment at 10).

After the Chiro things started.... as if I wasn’t already dizzy from the stupid neck exercise they always have me do.

I’ve been having trouble with my cell phone. I would guess it started like 2 months ago?.... I was getting these texts saying that soon I would no longer be eligible for phone service. I thought it was a scam so I paid it no mind. Then, when I went to add our phone cards last month I got a similar message on website after logging into my account. Turns out the SIM in my phone would become obsolete with an upgrade they were doing. No big deal, they’d send me a free SIM card and we’d get it swapped over when I received it. It took a month to get here. No lie, no exaggeration. I know because I remembered I didn’t have it when adding cards this month. I refrained from adding my card after discovering it was to show up that day!

Rocky spent an hour on hold that night to sort it out for me, except he was unable to. He’d gone to bed thinking I just needed to add my airtime card. Apparently, the SIM card they sent was faulty. I tried to add time to the old one and I was kind of locked out. Inactive number. When Rocky got up I talked him into going to get a “Bring Your Own Phone” starter pack. We went to the park and sat in my car so he could get better reception. He gets shitty reception at best at home and honestly it’s amazing he was on hold for a hour the night before without his phone just hanging up. It has proven to be a huge problem through this ordeal.

So he called, and the guy on the other end talks him through a bunch of stuff and Rocky ends up trying every SIM in the pack (3) plus the one they’d sent us and none are “compatible” .... WTF? So, Rocky decides he’s buying ne a new phone. Again, he’s got nearly $500 in his personal account while I have $32.... but that’s not what this is about.

We buy a new phone. We got a branded one for Straight Talk to avoid the SIM card mess. Surely there would be no issues. We also went to a WalMart out of the way because the WM closest doesn’t have a whole lot of phones to choose from. So we went to one closer to the college. Bought a decent one (not the latest or greatest, or most expensive) at $245 and left. Plugged that in to charge while we were in the car. Get home and make the call on his phone and after a 45 min wait lost connection. So, I attempted to do it online with chat to a CSR because the website was locking me out telling me to call when I received my SIM card. .... sigh.... Got the phone set up and while I waited to service to transfer I was changing the settings for the ringtone and stuff when the phone glitched out. Full screen of 8-bit nonsense with a single tone for a good 60 seconds before turning itself off. I had attempted to turn the power off to no avail. Rocky said ” yeah it did that to me once” .... then it kept resetting. Did it 4 times. Obviously, we took it back we also then factory rest the phone to wipe it of the information I had already transferred.

We try to call the closest WM to find out if they have this particular model in stock so we could just do a straight exchange. No one answered. So we went up there anyway. Go to customer service and the line is super long. Rocky takes this opportunity to check if they have the model. They do but.... Rocky forgot the charging cord.... so we have to go back home.... this was pointed out by the Customer Service lady after waiting forever.... of course..... So, we go home get it… go back.... get new new phone. Get home and Rocky makes the call and after giving the lady all the information..... seriously, you’d think she would have just done it at the point he was at.... the phone cuts out..... so I go back to chat online. Finally, got it done. 7:30 last night. smh After that experience I would not recommend Straight Talk. Even after 9+ years of good service.

I finished the situation feeling a tad guilty because Rocky was supposed to get a new phone before me because of the connection issues.... but here I am.

ALSO, whenever we were home Destiny was messaging me. Apparently, her bridesmaid Terri has decided that she’s too stressed out about money and won’t be able to throw the Bridal shower on the 14th..... WHAT?!?! I told her to let me know and figure out how I can sent her money.... IN JANUARY! Also said “The sooner, the easier” .... here it is fucking 10 days away. After sorting it out through the BRIDE MIND YOU. I’ll be sending her $300 via her daughters cash app at some point today. I’m pissed because honestly, I’ll likely have to take it from our e-fund.... for a party I won’t be at.... because she couldn’t be bothered to talk to me directly and would rather worry the bride over it. WTF!

Everything is sorted now but yesterday was a source of constant dizziness honestly worried I’d lose the phone # I’ve had since leaving Colorado almost 19 years ago! Aside from worrying about Destiny not having a Bridal Shower after I’d sent out invitations and the brides maid just chickens out.....

All, is okay now though.... I’m about to nap till I need to get Rocky up for work. Destiny is off today so after 6 I may nap again. I am able to be contacted again via the number I’ve always had.... I have a new phone.... and the bridal shower I won’t be at is still happening.

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