law and love in poetry

  • Feb. 5, 2022, 1:07 a.m.
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law is a crude cudgel
wielded by enforcers
by desperate beggars
at the behest of
rich cowards for
a half of a crumb
off the top of some
scion’s engorgement
unearned inheritance
a true sucker’s bargain
a day’s silver in trade
for beating their kinsmen
in the head with that stick

there are times when
God help us all
God damn us all
that brutal limb
is the closest thing
we have to some force
of civilization at all
and in those times, yes
we must swallow down hard
and go with it for a spell
the least cruel option in
a sea of great barbarisms
it is important to know
when those times are to hand
and when those times are not

but much higher than law
there is love
there is still love
there are empty hands reaching
not holding weapons for anyone
held out in aid toward others
because it is realized
that in suffering
we are all
the same

law can do well, here and there
as the least bad option in a pinch
but love is the calling
love is the deed to be done
love is the way, in the end

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