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  • Jan. 21, 2022, 5:38 p.m.
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Pretty hellebores from yesterday.

Mr. Sherlock slipped on the rain-soaked ground Wednesday late afternoon shooing their one remaining chicken Hilda into the coop. He hit his head. There was a lot of blood, but Mrs. Sherlock was home. He did not lose consciousness. She drove him to the Emergency Department. Where he waited alone in a wheelchair with all the other poor souls there. For hours. He told Mrs. Sherlock as they entered, “Well… this is the heart of darkness”.

I will interrupt this narrative to say that he is okay. As far as they can tell the bleeding has stopped in his brain. And he came home this afternoon.

She sat out in the car for 6 hours keeping in touch with him by phone. They stitched his forehead (12x) and at 3 AM they found a critical care bed for him in a hospital out on the edge of town. It is a miracle he got a bed. There are only 45 available in the state. We had over 10,000 new Covid cases yesterday. Our spike is not trending downward yet.

He had a couple of scans and there was still a little bleeding yesterday but by today it had stopped. The hard part is that he has Sundowner’s Syndrome and he kept getting woken up for vitals and that made it worse and fully asleep he tried to get out of bed with everything attached and was combative when he woke up. They had to call a team in to calm him down. They can’t give him drugs for it because of the head injury.

She was able to spend two hours in with him yesterday and said the nurses looked so relieved when she arrived. He is ornery. A fighter. He has two spectacular black eyes and a big lump.

They just got home a couple hours ago. Mrs. Sherlock and I are going to go for a walk tomorrow, but I think they will both be able to get some sleep tonight. They can manage the sleepwalking thing at home.

You just never know.

I had all this in mind when I went to meet my new doctor yesterday. They ended up doing an EKG and an extensive blood draw. He did not talk to me about my weight! My test results have all came back normal, so good news.

He is a young GP and had delivered a baby by C-Section earlier in the day and was still full of the wonder of that. At one point he went out to talk to his senior and they both came back in to talk to me. It is all an abundance of caution thing around my heart. I am going to go back to see him in a couple of weeks.

They gave me my EKG readout, which I now have of my refrigerator. Just in case.

The good news is that he so far can’t find any reason why I shouldn’t take over the counter all day antihistamines (like Zyrtec) and that is good news for my voice as the trees are starting to throw off pollen here. We could not figure out why my original doctor told me to stop taking them back about 4 years ago.

I will give them credit, they listened to me, and did not make this all I know best patriarchal stuff.

The cats have destroyed their scratching post. It is so good that they use it consistently. But it is a sorry thing now. I need to get a new one asap as Diego is starting to go for cardboard boxes. The other day I walked into the closet and on the floor were a couple of newspaper ads for our bookstore that I designed in, eek, 1975. The bookstore is now only a dream some of us had.

As of the first of the year I switched my full Friday class from live to recorded. This is helping quite a bit. I can record it when I have a burst of energy and time, usually earlier in the week right after my morning practice, which acts as a warm-up. That frees me up after the morning practice on Fridays.

That said, due to many things not going to plan or being more challenging than usual, power line construction, heavy fog, supply chain issues, for instance this morning I am crystal clear about what that Nine of Swords was telling me on New Year’s Day.

Not so fast sweetheart, not so fast. You are not in charge.

woman in the moon January 21, 2022

I went to the eye doc today and got the Medicare question, have you fallen lately? Or ever? I get tired of being asked but I guess it's a possibility.
So sad, so awful that the medical facilities are so crowded. We were warned this could happen ,,, and I guess it has.

Thank you for the Christmas roses - it was negative 18 F this morning.

Deleted user January 22, 2022

I don't even track cases on the daily anymore. We're still operating under the notion that this coming week is the end of full-time telecommuting. Cases here are slowing, but DC had a big explosion earlier in the month and went from a relatively low number of cases to one of the worst rates in the nation, so a tapering is expected. That is often how it goes when a pandemic is about to subside---a big rally and a surge of mass infections, and then it runs out of steam---so take heart!

Jinn February 10, 2022

Poor Mr. Sherlock!

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