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  • Jan. 14, 2022, 4:53 a.m.
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So, sleep apnea place on Monday, they added a couple rubber bands to the appliance. They were supposed to call yesterday, I must have missed it. Just to check on if it was any better. I don’t think so… but then again I haven’t slept any “better” since I got the thing.... it’s really all based on how much I snore and that’s more of a question for Rocky.

Tuesday was the Chiropractor’s “free” adjustment day. I was actually glad for it as my back was hurting that morning and was not afterwards. A fair change from not wanting to go ever.

Wednesday we went to see Matrix. I was disappointed as it turned out to be way more about the love between Neo and Trinity than the resistance. Also, I’d spent 7-8 hours of so watching the previous 3 movies to refresh and it was completely unnecessary because they did so much footage recycling..... shrugs

Lastly, yesterday. Ya’ll I am so relieved. I had built that visit up so much and it turned out to be just.... a relief. It was a stupid early visit at 8. So I woke Rocky at 5:45 and we were out the door at 6:30ish. Stopped for gas and there at 7:30. Which was early enough to get lost, and found and have a seat before being called back. I barely started the game on my phone.

I talked to the doc about the dizziness/unbalance/unsteadiness and ultimately the falling. He suggested some meds to talk to the neuro about said he didn’t want to prescribe them because that would put ” too many cooks in the kitchen” and had me write it down to take with me to the appointment this coming Wednesday. I told him about going to the “stop gap ENT” who really didn’t want anything to do with my situation, he laughed. I asked him about being out of work and he said he’d support it as long as I was still getting dizzy. However, he thinks it would carry more weight coming from the neuro so he’d like me to ask her too. Which I intend to do when I see her it is good to know I have his support though. As long as I’m getting dizzy.... he thinks we will eventually figure out the med combination that will have me close to normal again and doesn’t see this as a permanent situation. In other words, he will support me being home for now but will not likely support government disability unless we never find the right combo? .... either way it’s enough for me right now. To know that in April if I can not get the Neuro to put me out I can call him. This all being the plan IF we don’t stumble on something that works before then. This spells relief.

As we always do we went to McKay’s. Rocky decided he was ...... oh wait… I forgot… at some point in the last few days I received my Switch and took my Switch lite to GameStop for credit. It was sold before I’d decided on games to get. I’d settled on 4… took them home played a little of each and took 2 back lol.... then got pokemon and love it of course. While we were at McKay’s Rocky professed his jealousy and checked to see if they had a used Switch. Then bought it. Which honestly put us at a $200 loss because he could have just played my Switch lite.... smh .... turned it on on the way home to find that something was terribly wrong. Luckily I have a second set of grips (controllers) and it turns out the ones it came with need to seriously be cleaned.... but till then Rocky has my other set. I’d bought them back when Sammy was here last so that we could play Mario Party together. So now we have 2 Switches .... and of course we hunted him down a Pokemon game to play.... and we spent a good 3 hours doing that yesterday evening.

This morning..... Due to having things to do in the morning and being pretty useless after 11am I’ve neglected housework. Things are a bit backed up so this morning will be a tad busy. Rocky put in a request for more biscuits and to have them this morning..... that’s done and he’s up getting ready for work. Dishes have piled up and the washer is full so I’ll have to run those today too. Rocky mentioned inviting his mom over the week after next so I’m going to start cleaning today.... starting with the kitchen.... but then I intend on doing some diamond painting and playing some Pokemon.... I’m sure he got to where I was at least before turning in last night. I’d also like to get in a couple songs on the dance game I got. I know it will make me dizzy so I intend to do that after the housework is done.

This week is pretty clear. Monday a new coffee shop opens up in Smyrna that we are really looking forward to trying. Tuesday is clear and Wednesday is the neuro appointment. Then, Thursday is clear too. After that, for the foreseeable future it’s pretty quiet. I know Rocky wants to go get that shed and I told him after the appointments cleared up so we will go do that .... maybe even Thursday.

Rocky’s taking vacation next week.... just remembered… he’ll be off next weekend. Kind of suggested we take a trip down to Unclaimed baggage, we haven’t been in a good while. It’s a fun day trip. Besides he mentioned needing more tea or at least wanting to try some new/ different ones. So we can put that on the search.... and with a new game system....

Wrapping this up. Have things to do and Rocky’s about to leave.... so time to be productive.

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