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  • Jan. 11, 2022, 2:31 p.m.
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  1. If you want both the goth AND the emo audiences to buy your stuff, you just name the band Unsolved Miseries. There you go. All the merch sales.

  2. A Cake parody about people in a moral panic over people who eat avocado toast asking for their crushing student loans to be cancelled, built around the line “how do you pay for your guac-a-mole lifestyle?”

  3. Cranberry bidet… the kind that the French use to clean their backdoor… cranberry bidet… I think it ti-i-i-ckles…

  4. The thing is, we were born dying. The process of dying ironically only ends with death. It’s what we can do for each other, to ameliorate each others’ pain before the process completes, that’s what life is. Life is mutual palliative care, babydolls, or at least it should be.

  5. Always interesting when a podcaster/youtuber who crossed into legacy media falters. When the Netflix show or whatnot dissolves, what do they do? Bitterly flounce? Stoically return to the minors to keep paying their hangers-on? Attempt reinvention for a 2nd swat at the brass ring?

  6. Kryptonite handcuffs is such an ugly way of putting it. Why not “supermanacles”?

  7. If you really think about it, people who don’t believe in evolution are really just primate change deniers.

  8. Photosynthesis is a great way to have a light lunch.

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