jan 10 in idea barrages

  • Jan. 9, 2022, 4:08 p.m.
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  1. Another way wealth is wasted on the wealthy: who spends their money on almost going into outer space for five minutes when you could build a pyramid lined with the old Chuck E Cheese movie parody posters and have yourself buried in it?

  2. This 10 Year Pictures Challenge is a very smart research tool, facial recognition companies, but what you didn’t consider is that I wasn’t photogenic 10 years ago, I’m not photogenic now and I have no delusions about either. Enjoy more words, suckers!

  3. Here’s a disturbing idea: Roger Rabbit’s parents are the White Rabbit and Alice. It’d explain a lot.

  4. It only just occurred to me how the real Fantasyland was the Main Street U.S.A they made literally along the way.

  5. An album of country-and-western KISS covers simply titled “My Grits”.

  6. Here’s the kind of hard-won dark optimism we have in northern New York state: “well, the fact that it’s an ice storm means it’s only a little less than freezing instead of ten below zero.”

  7. Interestingly, no, a Kid Icarus / Kid Charlemagne mash-up is not the nerdiest Nintendo-based Steely Dan parody I could envision. That would go to a parody of “Babylon Sisters” about the obscure Phillips CDi Legend of Zelda “Wand of Gamelon” game.

  8. You know what I’m surprised we never saw? Air Jordache jeans. Or Air Jordache denim sneakers. Something like that.

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