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  • Jan. 5, 2022, 6:58 p.m.
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Apparently there were some mixed signals with Gabby’s doc and he does not see a mass on her pituitary gland. Next step is some testing. It will include a bone age test. I feel for her, when I mentioned it to Rocky he said it’s gonna hurt a ton.

After the movie we swung by the county clerks office to take the lean off the SUV we sold Todd.

Grabbed dinner..... got 2 calls while eating about my appointment tomorrow. This is to the NP for the Neuro.... now with a different NP and now doing a telehealth visit because we are expecting a snow storm at 6am. My appointment is.... was at 8:15 and we’d planned on leaving around 6 because morning traffic into Nashville is stupid. Now I don’t have to wake the baby.... I mean the husband and have an appointment here at home at 10.

Then stopped by Walgreen’s to pick up 3 prescriptions. $281?!?! Oh! yeah never mind.... we will have to go get them tomorrow because of not having the new insurance cards we don’t have the RX group #. So we came home and Rocky made a call while I made him a login on the BCBSTN site. He’d just gotten a person telling him they couldn’t access the information as I was printing out a temp card with all the info we needed. Went back to Walgreen’s and the 3 scripts totaled 17.80.....

Other than the dr. visit about meds tomorrow Rocky wants to go do an oil change in my car and hit publix for BOGOs because he wants to drive in the snow.... however, we can step around that if it’s really bad.....

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