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  • Jan. 5, 2022, 6:40 a.m.
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I don’t think about this.... not directly… when I talk to people about hearing aides and the difficulties I face while only hearing out of my left ear.... That was my 4th consult?.... 5th?? shrugs I don’t say certain things because they are emotional hot buttons. The last couple times I’ve been talking to someone about hearing equipment Rocky has butted in.... “she’s a self proclaimed audiophile” or “she says music doesn’t sound the same.” a comment like this elicits tears every time.

I am slowly working through 1500+ of my fave songs when riding in my car. It’s much harder when we go places together. I like the volume at 16 he puts in at like 6.... I can barely hear that the music is even on. If I turn it up it’s only up for the remainder of that song, he turns it back down. It’s fine I can’t hear him with the music up where I can hear it good..... smh so frustrating but understandable. Though I’d be happy with not hearing him and listening to my music at a level I can hear it. Anyways...... yesterday I had to skip a song for being annoying.

That annoying whistle was all I could hear.... much less annoying when there are freakin’ lyrics and a beat. Likely will be removed from the faves list :( upon review....

Also, I can be so flakey and do say some pretty crazy stuff when my brain doesn’t want to work right but DANG IT Rocky’s the one who locks the keys in the car.... ALWAYS. I never do. He’s had to use the triple A service far more than I. Still glad to have it.... helps me not panic.... completely avoided an attack of bad dizziness because all we had to do was wait.... there was nothing pending .... so I’ll continue to pay 99 a year ....

Gabby goes to the doc today about the mass on her pituitary gland. I’ll likely be in a movie when they get out of the appointment. I asked her to text when she’s out and I’ll call. Anxious to hear what they are planning to do next.

I’ve already gotten my MTurk goal for the day so I’m going to spend the rest of the morning working on the diamond painting.

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