jan 4 in idea barrages

  • Jan. 4, 2022, 5:24 p.m.
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  1. In your Early Middle Ages history class, you will have at least one chance for the bon mot “Picts or it didn’t happen!” Be on guard, be ready, your time will come.

  2. You can’t use Cap’n Crunch “Oops! All Berries!” cereal as a last-minute communion substitute because, canonically, God don’t make no mistakes.

  3. You all spent so long arguing over whether DIE HARD counted as a Christmas movie, you never asked the real question: is Santa Claus a cryptid?

  4. There aren’t enough Lord of the Rings / Archie mash-ups based on how Rivendell and Riverdale are similar words.

  5. When Andy Kaufman got to play the Vic Ferrari character on TAXI, that was a real persona-non-Gravas.

  6. Names you can sing with the exact same rhythm as Eleanor Rigby: Martin Scorsese.

  7. While in some naval traditions, you can be married by the captain, in the Old Navy, you are married by the justice of the fleece.

  8. Your Star Wars themed 50s R&B band will be called “Little Anakin And The Imperials”.

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