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  • Dec. 31, 2021, 4:58 a.m.
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I set up and worked on my larger diamond painting yesterday. I pulled a rather large area off and managed to fill it and watch a couple episodes on TV before Rocky got home. I didn’t do any work on MTurk. I don’t plan on working anymore till after they pay out on the second. Total of 243 .... that amazing work I did a few weeks ago that totaled 200 in 2 days.... hasn’t paid out yet :(. I sent them a message asking them when they intended to pay out because I wanted to be sure to be able to claim in on taxes for 2021.... no word back… so all I can do is wait. To avoid any other situations like that this year I’m just not going to work..... The next pay out from my account to the bank is the second. That will make it all nice and 0 to start the new year.

Rocky ended up with today off. They gave him an option and if I will take it every time I can’t expect him to do anything less. He goes in late Sunday 1pm-9:30 or some such. Then it’s back to the normal schedule. I feel like we have a huge list of things to get done .... but we don’t. Just normal stuff + doctor’s appointments + a couple things we’ve put off for forever......

So today, whenever he gets up, we will go get groceries. While at WM I want to see if they have any protective floor mats like for office chairs. I’ve apparently dug a small hole in the linoleum here at my desk and instead of replacing the floor.... well, it’s far more economical to just keep it from getting worse and making it not visible.... there will be an eventual remodel I’m sure.... I mean way way long term… not even on priority list yet.

We need to get the lean off of Todd’s SUV so I can give him his title when we tell him we don’t need him to mow in the spring. He’s aware it’s a possibility based on the fact that Rocky is working weekends now and will have plenty of time to do it himself. I did not share with him the shed/new mower plans. .... I just spent 30 mins looking at robot lawn mowers.... moving on…

4:45.... todays plans are that after Destiny’s call at 5:25-5:50 I work on the diamond painting till Rocky get’s up. Then we will get something to eat and get groceries. He said yesterday that he’s like to be back and in for the day at around 2. Any later and we risk being on the road with pre-gamers. .... rolls eyes pretty sure no ones pregaming at 2 in the afternoon....BUT that only means he plans on getting up earlier? So, no real complaints here. After groceries we are in till at least noon tomorrow. Though honestly I don’t know what we have to do Saturday.... it’s New Years so many places will be closed. Tuesday is the next “big” day. Will finally get to try out that Adhear hearing aid! After another stupid hearing test.... that hopefully won’t have me spinning.... or the world spinning.... either way the demo should out weigh the feeling bad… I hope.

Thursday, I go to the Neuro and talk with a Physicians assistant about the meds I’m on for prevention. I’m really reluctant to change these as I know they have helped with mood a bunch. However, they aren’t really helping with dizziness and migraine frequency so we need to try something else.... and if the mood gets all messed up again I guess I go for that somewhere else?.... obviously will talk to the Neuro about it in April at the latest, Jan. 19th at the earliest.....

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