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  • Dec. 27, 2021, 7:01 p.m.
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My head is killing me this morning. I wish I had the confidence that Rocky would get up on time without my help. I woke at 12:30ish and my head hurt then too. I took some meds and went back to sleep in my chair. I haven’t slept well. I had a dream but the only thing I remember is taking out the mouth pieces over and over again .... but they were still there. Luckily when I woke they were still there and I hadn’t removed them while I was asleep. Being as it was so early in the night when I moved to the chair I did not remove them before going back to sleep. They aren’t horrible BUT I do not feel more rested for having them.

I had a bit of issues while making dinner yesterday. Such a mess, pretty hard to make dinner while having head pain and being dizzy… and on a time crunch.... I’d planned on Chicken Curry but when I went to start it realized it’s a crock pot recipe. So I started setting up the next option to realize I didn’t have enough eggs.... So, last night I attempted Chicken and Dumplings. We both agreed that the dumplings were too plain and IF I ever made it again I’d need to add pepper to everything. lol . I find that funny because Nana’s Chicken and Dumplings were the bomb and were a little peppery. I know they took forever to develop into what they were before she died and I’m willing to give it a great many attempts. I knew this recipe wouldn’t even have been close but I gave it a shot anyway.... now I’ll be eating it for the next 2 days for lunch.... or today for breakfast AND lunch.... that would get it out of the way at least.

I put off laundry and dishes yesterday and spent the bulk of the day on the earrings and watching TV. So I need to do some housework today. I do plan on doing my usual $10 on MTurk but I also have to go to the store for eggs and onions.... also just discovered that we are out of Vitamin D. So, I’ll get some of that too.

I would like to set up for diamond painting and finish the small projects I’d picked up to do on twitch .... that I’m not doing now. Then, get back to working on the big project and finishing that before moving back to pokemon.... oh and those cactus I was going to make before relisting all the inventory for the pallet stuff....

I’d talked to my brother about What KJ program he’d gotten and how to set up for that if I decide to give it a try… but I probably won’t ....Really it’s the idea of scheduling time and not being able to guarantee I’ll be okay enough to do it.

I guess that’s it. Washers done on laundry so I’ll swap that over, then I think I’m going to lay down for a bit. Rocky just left for work. Destiny is off today. My head is killing me and the meds I took when I got up this time aren’t doing shit.

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