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  • Dec. 26, 2021, 8:04 a.m.
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SO the biggest thing to come out of the family Christmas lunch was that my dad and brother didn’t know that Joshua (my 11yr old nephew) has actually attempted to kill her. Any of the 4 times he’s threatened it. “I had him 12 hours one day and he was fine” I have no doubt that NO ONE is telling a lie. It’s not like he can’t act good just that he does act his worst for “mom” and she does have to deal with it. She has video on her phone even of such behavior. Mostly taken as proof for therapists.

It was nice to hang out with my brother after lunch. Dad had driven up separately so Scott didn’t have to drive him home.

Only word I’ve gotten about Joshua is that he’s been transferred to a place in Jackson.... or a place called Jackson… It’s a 3 hour drive from mom. No idea how long he’ll be there and mom can only call once a day.

I spent yesterday working on rainbow poop emoji earrings. I had a bunch of total fails. I’d made a pattern far too big. Then the second one was way too big but I’d attempted most of it thinking if it turned out nice it would make a nice pendent or something. 3rd pattern and 5th attempt and I’ve got 1 earring done. lol

I’m about to head out into the world.... I’m a bit apprehensive because I know it’s still going to be busy out. In the area most factories are closed till after New Years and being as it’s the day after Christmas people will be returning things.... not looking forward to it but we need milk..... or I can’t make dinner.

When I get back I’ll do this other earring and take a picture and post it here for ya’ll.
Other than that I’ve got no plans today.... Think I might look for a good V-day design to do.... I could manage something with black, red, and gold I think..... maybe I should stop by a hobby store and get a pink while I’m out? we’ll see.... depends on if getting a few groceries is too much for the day or not.

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