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  • Dec. 23, 2021, 8:26 a.m.
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I finished Graveler’s pokeball and starting Geodude’s this morning. After that I intend on doing something else.... make rainbow poop emoji earrings for my bestie lol I can’t find a pattern. I spent about 1/2 hour making one this morning on an app.... and it didn’t save :(. I’ll put more effort in when I’m done with the pokeball.

Rocky said he might get off early today and he wants to go out to eat. That actually makes me a bit sad. I’ve put in a lot of effort this week and there’s left overs to eat. However, we be junk food addicts here so I’m also looking forward to not cooking, not microwaving, and not having dishes to run in the morning.

Making the poop emoji earrings I’ll need to pick up a few more colors. I will also need a more reliable way to make a pattern.... probably hunt down every colored pen/pencil I own and print out some brick stitch graph paper.

Brother texted with me for nearly an hour last night. First thing was “Have you talked to mom today?” Apparently, she’d dug into dad because he didn’t want to go to some Christmas thing Joshua is in?.... we don’t really know anything but that’s what we gathered. He’s supposed to hang out with him to day and because mom got mad suddenly he’s not allowed to..... again we are speculating on what actually happened. It is however just like my mom. If dad didn’t want to go he shouldn’t have to. Unfortunately, when you are parent you are parent all the time. Dad is not Joshua’s parent. Simple. I know mom thinks he should WANT to go.... but he didn’t .... he had full intentions of getting him to hang out today.... not sure why mom was freaking out about it other than she’s just super stressed and needs some time away from the turd.

I’d like to go to the craft store today for more beads and I’ve run out of black yarn. I won’t be able to totally finish the second pokeball. Maybe doing the thing today is ambitious.... especially being as Rocky said he might get off early. Looking at between 12-2 which would be nice.

Nothing else going on really.

Edit here- I forgot.... random message From bestie yesterday asking if I had Paypal. Then she said she couldn’t get ahold of Jake. I asked if she had Paypal lol I remember it was not to long ago I Western Unioned her $50 because she didn’t have Paypal. Well, it was almost 2 years ago now. I asked her what Paypal and Jake had in common and she asked to borrow $30. I didn’t ask what for and asked what email she had the account under instead. After the transaction went through I asked what it was for lol. She sits now.... with people who need medical assistance… and the guy she was watching had plans to go out to lunch with his mother. Destiny had 1.92 in her bank account and she didn’t want to ask the guys mother to buy her lunch. .... I only remembered this because she just paid it back. I’m not hurting for it so I’m going to leave it there in case she needs it anytime ....

I hate that she thought of Jake first. He hasn’t had a real job in 6 months and just started driving for Doordash at night. She said they do it all the time..... which again has me concerned. The reason Jake had disappeared from her life is because the girl he was with had convinced him that Destiny saw him as a bank. ..... it’s silly BUT.... here she is “can I borrow $30” and “we do this all the time”..... hmmm.

shrugs I’ll let her know I’m going to leave that $30 there after the holidays. In case she NEEDS it..... so she doesn’t have to ask Jake. I know I’m not an ATM … she’s just bad at money management. Wouldn’t shock me if she had a similar problem next Wednesday or Thursday.

K now that’s it lol

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