Lost dog, food, and greens in Second 1st

  • Dec. 21, 2021, 7:59 a.m.
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The other day.... can’t remember which day.... but it’s not been 2 weeks yet. A guy was driving by in a truck as I was getting the mail. He stopped and asked if I’d seen a German Shepard wandering around. His chased a small deer out of the yard of a house on our street that he’s “flipping”. “I know this is weird but his name is K7. If you see him here’s my number.” I posted a quick tidbit about that conversation on Nextdoor. The man doesn’t live here so I also left his number. If I haven’t told you we’ve been thinking about a dog. Felt like checking the PAWS website this morning and there is a German Shepard on there not yet available for adoption. After 9 (another hour and a half) I’m going to send a text with a picture to the number I was given. I would be so happy to be a part of returning a fur baby to his dad.

Making Brisket for dinner tonight. I have made a few low sodium meals over the last week. Salisbury Steak, Cider Stew, Chicken Risotto, Chicken Strips, Polynesian Chicken, Black Bean Turkey Chili. Also, tested out a couple of sides Sweet & Sour cabbage and Zucchini Pudding. So far Salisbury Steak will happen shortly after Hamburgers whenever we have it. Rocky likes to get a thing of premade patties and it worked out nice for the steaks.... Cider Stew became a staple for Fall/winter the first time I made it. Love that stuff, though I put onions in it this time and it didn’t have the great apple flavor it usually does so I’m thinking the onions kind of neutralized it. Will leave them out next time for sure. Polynesian Chicken was supposed to be made with Chicken thighs but we opted for boneless skinless breasts. I thought it was great but Rocky didn’t finish the plate I left him :(. The Black Bean Chili was meh.... like I make better chili so.... probably won’t ever have that again. The Sweet and Sour Cabbage ended up being far more than I though it would. I made it the day I made the Chicken strips. The strips sucked but the cabbage was good. I made the Zucchini with the Polynesian Chicken.... it was like a quiche .... I probably won’t make it again because steamed Zucchini is better. The Brisket I’m making isn’t actually brisket as when we went shopping it was like $35 for the 3lbs. I wanted. I opted for a chuck roast instead at $17.

I spent a fair chunk of time on the phone yesterday. Called about the Re-fi money and once that was deposited I called the bank to raise the daily limit temporarily. Then called loan #1 and paid it off.... then loan #2 and paid it off.... there is $6,000 is left. Which is a fair chunk towards the new shed..... well minus about $500 because I’ll be getting the Switch straightened out just after the new year. I also want to order a pair of those AfterShock headphones.

I’ve got to wait till after meeting family for Christmas to be sure mom doesn’t want to do the Switch lite I have for Christmas. I will gladly take the hit if she thinks it will be a prospective gift next year.... or his birthday. If not, however, I’ll take it to GameStop for the store credit. Rocky is having a bit of trouble remembering his account info. So once he gets time we will go talk to Willie about what email he has attached to his points card #. I want to be sure to get the points credit when I spend $350 bucks.

Rocky made a request for biscuits for breakfast in the morning. Which is strange because he doesn’t eat breakfast..... this means I have to make a store run today. Probably go around 11 and get something for lunch that’s not left overs..... Should have left overs for dinner tomorrow.

Other than that I’ve got a list of silly things to do .... still working on Graveler. Doing things without a pattern causes me to get writers block lol. All I have left is his face and.....It’s just a lot less fun when I’m doing it on my own without a pattern. Then, playing Stardew Valley finally got around to marrying Haley and working on those extra hearts while I start a romance with Shane. Also.... the watching of the TV. Plan on making cupcakes today.... but I’ve said that a couple days now.....

time to move on with my life…

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