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  2. It is of vital importance that you pretend to confuse Ernest and Forrest Gump at all possible times.

  3. Yoda sets his camera up on a quadpod because there is no tri.

  4. The Muadib was conceived via the Leto Shuffle.

  5. In review: etymology is the study of word origins, entomology the study of insect, entology the study of tree people and entenmannology the study of snack cakes.

  6. Okay, now let’s build a creation bard that makes everything out of candy. Start ‘em as the variant human with the Chef feat. FABRICATE CANDY. SUMMON CANDY. You have yourself a little bit of that neccomancer you’ve always wanted, as a treat.

  7. I also hope that at some point in the new Spider-Man someone greets Octavius and Osborn as “Octopi… Wall Street…”

  8. From my research on social media, the one thing that people who hate anime and the people who love anime largely agree on is that they hate live-action adaptations of anime in equal measure. There’s your point of commonality, friends. Build bridges from there!

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