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  • Dec. 14, 2021, 6:58 a.m.
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We had the signing for the refinance yesterday. I was nervous as it’s something I hadn’t done before but.... it’s done. We need to allow 3 days for processing .... and had to sign a paper that said something along the lines of “it might be longer because of CoVid, and we understand that”. Otherwise, there should be a deposit of $14,923 in our account soon after. I hope it’s before the weekend, I don’t want to have that money longer than I need to hold that money.

The plan is #1 pay off the loan we’ve had since we bought the house, when we changed out the incoming pipes. #2 Pay off the A/C unit we had to get over the summer. #3 top off the $2000 emergency fund. #4 get a Nintendo Switch (I’ve got a lite) #5 All other funds go towards a new shed.

Went and got groceries.... but we didn’t? ....We went and got a few things but I feel like we got wants and not needs? .... I don’t know. We will have to go back out Thursday at least, for sure.

Rocky’s going to have strange hours this weekend.... and the following 2 weeks. Currently he works 13 hours Fri-Sun. This weekend he’ll work 13 Friday then 10 hours everyday till the 30th. With the exceptions of the 24th and 25th also, the 22nd which I will need him for. Instead of going in at 7 he will need to be in at 6:30 and instead of off at 8 he will be off at 4:30. I plan to make dinner each day. Minus Friday because I’m usually in bed before he gets home.

So, I did a run through of the low sodium cook book I have. Picked out a few dinners to whip up and ran them by him. After I’m done with this entry I’ll narrow it down to what I’ll make this week and make a grocery list. .... After a freezer check..

Texts back and forth with mom about Christmas. We will be going to lunch at Farmer’s the 24th. We then went to Lowe’s and Got Joshua some mini projects. Mom said he’s not been good enough to get something like the Nintendo Switch (lite) I was about to give him.

Apparently, I have an item to ship out today. It’s obviously for a kid (Simon Air) so I hope it makes it before Christmas. It’s getting to be the questionable times.

I didn’t work on MTurk at all yesterday. Something is happening with my sleep.... I’m not sure if I want to complain.... You see I’ve been waking up far to early.... like 2am… last night it was 1:30. Instead of getting up, going to the bathroom and going back to bed. I’ve been getting dressed and sleeping in my chair in the living room. Well, for a few days (up to 2 weeks) I’d wake up in time to do the 3ams.... or the 5ams on MTurk.... yesterday I woke at 3:04 and said Fuck it. Woke again at 4:56 and said Fuck it..... then just didn’t work all day because of the signing and groceries. This morning I woke at 4:11 and 5:17. Just after I woke but before I actually got up I heard the notification for Destiny messaging me “You up?” for a morning chat while she drove to work. So I rushed to the computer and called her to chit chat. It’s nice to get the extra snooze but I feel unproductive :(.

Out of lack of anything of my own interesting to tell you.... I’ll tell you what’s gone on in the last 48hrs with her. Her soon to be sister in law Kim has 2 children. They have been in foster care for 9 years now. The eldest turned 18 recently and contacted Kim. I do not know why they were in foster care to begin with. What I’ve been told is that at one point they were about to come home and Kim had planned a Welcome Home party when the agency found out they said it was highly inappropriate and cancelled the coming home. Everyone was devastated and they fought till they had no fight left. They it was just the hope that when Haley turned 18 she’d try to find her mom. She did and she’d been living on the streets for 6 months. The moment they stop getting money from the state was when the fosters kicked her out. Kim found out and immediately opened her doors. Haley had a police escort to Kim’s place and will remain there. Haley’s sister turns 18 this next year so hopefully it will go the same way. There are horror stories however as Haley has already told them that she was sexually abused the first 6 months. I asked Destiny if they could use Haley’s testimony to get her sister home sooner. She said it’s not likely. That by the time they got it to court her sister would already be 18 and kicked out. In my head.... and probably to some of you.... it feels like she’s condoning the behavior of the fosters. I have no idea why you wouldn’t push back. Make it so if they don’t go to jail at least they can’t foster ever again. smh If it were my kid.... if it were my nephew.... sigh Thankfully she’s home and I guess that’s all that matters right now. May be that they need time to process the whole thing.

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