I could, but I probably won't in Second 1st

  • Dec. 12, 2021, 9:45 a.m.
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I woke in pain yesterday. I blame the barometric pressure. Much dizzy, I got up, got dressed and napped in my chair. Woke again at 10 to 5 still hurting. Took meds and woke Rocky but was in bed and back to sleep before he was out of the bathroom. He came in to tell me goodbye and I felt a bunch better so I got up.

Although I’d done great the last 2 days on MTurk I still wanted to get my $10 (made 14.11) daily goal. It will be like that until those 2 days pay into my account at least. Assuming they won’t.... and all that work was for nothing.... until they do. It’s still nice to think they will...... and to keep an eye out for any more work by that requester.

I’d had a pretty clear day other than the morning.... it only reared it’s ugliness again around 6.... I just went to bed....

This morning I’ve had some loud beating in my bad ear.... this usually happens before a bad migraine so I’m going to take some more medicine in a moment. I’d only taken 1 yesterday (can only take 2 in 24 hours) so I’m good.

I’m going to run to the store after the 9am work (in 40 mins) to get some requested bread.... and probably a few things I noticed ....

I’m skipping Geodude’s pokeball..... I’d made a ball as his head before giving up on his arms and buying a pattern. The ball I’d made was too big for the new pattern so..... after not finding a good pattern for Graveler, I made a plan. Took another few moments to figure out some feet.... and I’m starting arms (4) when I get back from the store.....

After Graveler.... and 2 pokeballs for homes.... I want to make another few pairs of earrings with the bead stuff.... or/and do a small diamond painting project....

Before I go back to work I’d like to relist all the items we have for the resale stuff. I know I keep getting stuck in the game (Stardew Valley).... so I’ve made a mental goal (lvl 100 in skull cavern) and when that’s done I’ll set it aside awhile and do more productive things .... like list the already made pokemon on FB, Mercari and OfferUp.

Next week Rocky is scheduled to work all week.... off the 24th and 25th then work the whole next week..... he usually works weekends so I know it’s going to be rough on him. I plan on cooking dinner each night. He’ll be off at 5:30 (home by 6) instead of 8. I told him I’d call and see if mom could take me to Nashville the 22nd if he couldn’t get out of work but that he should ask because it’s not his usual schedule. He told his boss yesterday “I won’t be here the 22nd. Don’t know if I’ve got to use vacation or PTO or whatever, just letting you know because I know.”.... So, that’s good.... also he’ll have the one day off. There won’t be much sleeping in but he’ll have a day to chill.

I still haven’t called my mom about Christmas. The closer we get the more I’d rather just pay someone else to cook. I could cook. I could.... This year mom did Thanksgiving and it was clearly too much for her :( she is getting up in years and has Joshua to look after. I know she’d volunteered because the last time we did it here I ate very little. I was nauseous from the work of cooking and setting food out. She saw it of course, she’s my mom..... so rather than let me just get bad she volunteered to have it at her place..... I’d rather her not.... between being too much for her and those dang yappy dogs.... I don’t hate dogs I promise just the 3 they have are particularly barky. ..... I could do it.... being off till .... till I can’t argue with doctors anymore (intending to do so every time I go). Just going somewhere, eating, chilling for a bit, then leaving sounds a lot better than spending 6 hours together. .... as we get closer… I’m not ready to be social at all. I’m not lonely yet.... I’m not bored yet…

I’ve got to clean the dining table off and kitchen for the closing tomorrow. I’ll worry about it in the morning.

Hotaru December 12, 2021

I can’t stand yappy dogs either. We lucked out with our Darcy, she rarely ever barks. But she does have her own way of using different whines and noises to express herself.

Down the rabbit hole... December 12, 2021

I have 6 dogs and they're all crazy and I love them to pieces.

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