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  • Dec. 10, 2021, 5:04 p.m.
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Just got my confirmation call from the guy who’s coming to the house for the signing of the refinance papers. He still doesn’t know what time being as he will have to wait on getting some paperwork he hasn’t received yet. We will be home though.... really it’s just a matter of when do I need to get Rocky up.

Worked till I hit my $10 goal just after 9 and headed out to Michael’s .... Had a few thoughts and went to WalMart first for some pricing. Looked at decorative rocks for a fish tank.... and actually ended up buying a small bag of rocks for $1. I’ll make one and if they do what I want them to do I’ll got more when we get groceries.

I’d walked the entire store at least 1.5x because it’s not my normal WM and I had trouble finding the crafty area :(. So when I left there I was unsteady. I opted for Jo Ann’s fabrics instead for some green yarn and some choice colors of seed beads.

Not trusting my funk I get some early lunch at Steak n’ Shake before coming home.

I hopped back on to see about more work.....and.... that job I talked about in the last entry was back with 11,000+ HITS.... it’s done now but not without me scoring a $128 bucks. I’ve turned all the other work off for the night.... and it’s only 4 now lol I don’t want to push my luck. $200 in 2 days is amazing. I only have 95 to reach my goal for then month! Doable in 6 days max.

Rocky sent me a picture of the shutdown schedule. It has x’s all over it and I can’t decipher it so well. I messaged back “So you are working everyday aside from the 24 +25th. I’ve got an appointment in Nashville the 22nd. Any chance you can get off?”.... no response.

Got a text from Sammy “You at work?”… I have not responded because he should assume I’m at work … it’s the weekend and I haven’t told him about being on Short Term.

Already 4.... I’ve still got to get those labels off those mugs (they are soaking now) .... honestly though.... feel like I’ve done too much.... probably going to veg. with some Stardew Valley .... or something on the boob tube. Leave being crafty for another day. Leave cleaning till Sunday lol

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