What me worry? in Second 1st

  • Dec. 10, 2021, 4:54 a.m.
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Calling a lawyer about help with SSI paperwork made the cut yesterday..... calling family to suggest I make Christmas dinner instead of finding a place to eat did not. lol

I called the number of some attorney who handles those types of cases and he said he’d only ever been able to get one person with Meniere’s SSDI.... that unless I had a doctor who straight up said “I want to you file for disability” I would not likely get it. Two years ago when the doctors had sent me back to work I did not want to go. I mean I did.... I wanted to work but I was unsure because of the dizziness. I did feel some kind of threshold lift and things got easier but no further progress since. I still feel like a danger to myself and others. I don’t think I could get a doctor to support me applying for disability. “Could I apply for disability while working?” No, I will be denied if there is any overlap and I should be prepared for at least 18 months without an income. ..... Well, at least I finally got that question answered. Sounds like until I get a doc on board 100% there is no point in applying and because this dizziness is like being on a boat and not like vertigo they will say I’m good to work.

Here I am already thinking about my conversations with a doctor in 12 days.... in a month.... in 4 months.... sigh The other thing to do would be to have them put me on a restriction saying I have to be able to sit. I thought I had that but did not. If that were the case there is only 1 of 6 jobs I can do and I’m cool with that.... that’s how it’s been pretty much since I got back October 2019.... it’s the job that gets me the least sick..... but if not then what? If .... when that comes up.... when it’s time to go back.... I sill won’t be able to do what they were asking of me.... then quit? $25 an hour? for nothing.....

I need to figure out how to enjoy this time I’ve been given. Not to worry so much about when I have to go back but do what I can to help my future self.... yoga? more vestibular therapy? I’ve been out one week ..... I haven’t even made that list I said I was going to make about what I’d like to accomplish during this time off.

Today’s plan is.... laundry, dishes, MTurk, video games, maybe pull out some diamond painting .... I don’t know.

Hotaru December 10, 2021

Did he tell you how many people with Meniere’s he’s filled for? Like if he’s only had two clients he filed on behalf of and one got it that’s 50/50. But if he’s had 10 or 20 the odds aren’t so good. And with the migraines too maybe it would be easier to be approved. But it’s still a hassle and a long drawn out process. Everyone I know that has successfully gotten disability has been denied and had to appeal and they’ve gone about 18 months or so with no income. Of course they get a lump sum payment for the back pay, but it’s still been a long drawn out fight.

JHkerriokey Hotaru ⋅ December 10, 2021

He did not but the tone was like attempting it at this point I'd get denied anyway. Weather that be because of my age or whatever..... looking forward to talking to doctors about possibilities. I'm going to set that to the side for now and hope we can find a solution maybe we overlooked before? Trying to be positive.

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