john and jenny at five years old in poetry

  • Dec. 9, 2021, 7:47 p.m.
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he really tried his best
but still enkidu stayed
down in his early grave

he went straight to pieces
but he still came on back
twice into the waves

left behind a greasy mess
but at least the kid didn’t
live his out life as a slave

c’mon, shed that dress
gotta shake what those
snakes unbidden gave

oh well, mythology
all the same to me
as religion or what
the newspapers say
all just metaphors
for what we adore
what we fear
what we hope
what we hate
what we crave

sweet tiresias
you gotta confess
what jupiter thinks
you should never say
I know how much it sucks
it’s just your bad luck
but sing your truth
because we are all
fucked either way

sir, you gotta play dance music
babe, you gotta make rock ‘n’ roll
gotta release what you got inside
it’s the closest provable device
to what some people call a soul
either way we’re all of us fucked
might as well take it to the hole

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