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  • Nov. 27, 2021, 2:24 p.m.
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  1. Middle November. Out the window, in the streetlight, the first flurries of wet snow in the sky. Every single mind born in the Lake Effect Belt looks out, clenches their jaw, balls up their fists and thinks but two words with determination grim: “IT BEGINS.”

  2. Hear me out. It’s a talk show hosted by Ted Danson and it’s called DANSON, WITH THE STARS.

  3. I think my cult leader name will be “Java Ramdass”. Bring me coffee, my flock. Bring all of it to me.

  4. I call it a “Brubeck”. 5 pairs of lines, 5 syllables then 4 syllables for each pair. The 5th pair the same as the 1st pair, as book-ends, capturing the 5/4 rhythm of “Take Five”, the last pair echoing the emphasis on the fifth as a repetition. It actually comes out jazzy!

  5. A celebrity equestrian reality show called PRANCING WITH THE STARS. (And its spin-off SAY YES TO THE DRESSAGE.)

  6. Maybe the MCU’s real Mephisto reveal was the friends we made along the way.

  7. If a Vulcan isn’t into what you’re into, they don’t kink-shame, they’re just like “Live and let live long and prosper.”

  8. “What a lovely kangaroo leather dress!” “Thanks,” she twirled it proudly in the breeze, “it has pocket!”

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