NJM24: One Hour Left in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 24, 2021, 12:41 p.m.
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Our CEO sent an email to everyone in the company stating that we will be released at 2pm. I have one hour to go and I actually got ALL of my work completed before noon, so I’m going to tap out my entry before I roll on into vacation time!

I’d love to sit on a patio somewhere and sip a cocktail or two this afternoon. The weather is lovely and I’m feeling vacation-y. I’ll probably end up going home and doing the laundry and all the prep before mom and dad come over sometime tomorrow afternoon. Maybe pop a pre-celebration bottle and have some bubbly on the balcony!

Thanksgiving won’t really happen for us until Friday when my bro and SIL and niece come over (my SIL has to work Thanksgiving day/evening), so it will be casual with mom and dad tomorrow. I’ve already told them that I will not tolerate any drama (that’s really pointed at my bro and SIL as they have trouble getting their shit together, but mom and dad get drawn into their issues). My house, my rules! Anybody starting drama can GTFO.

So, five adults, one six-year-old (my niece’s actual birthday was yesterday, so we’ll celebrate on Friday) and two dogs will fill The Treehouse for our celebration.

We’ll have our feast at around 1pm and then we’ll hang out, do dog walks, play games and other stuff until the lighting ceremony starts at around 5pm and the countdown to the lighting of all the trees in the park happens at 6pm sharp! So excited for these festivities. It’s supposed to be cold, so we’re going to be drinking hot chocolate. What can I spike my hot chocolate with?

Oh man, can you tell this is going to be a Thanksgiving where I’m going to indulge? Pretty excited about that.

I remember this time last year I started to have symptoms that would later turn out to be colon cancer. I didn’t feel well and we were at my parents’ place trying to social distance from my brother who was teaching school to kids who were in close quarters and wouldn’t mask up. This year is going to be different. Better. MUCH better.

Anyway. I need to go check out some Pinterest boards and pretend to finish my work.

Uh oh. Breaking news: FedEx seems like they might be the reason I don’t get out of here at 2pm. I had to send some urgent packages to a customer and I was just told that they haven’t shown up to pick up the boxes yet. I may be back if they don’t show up before it’s time to go.

If they don’t show up, I may be stuck trying to fit big boxes into Mini Pearl II with the top down to take to the FedEx office.

We’ll see.

But until then I’m assuming that I’m outta here! Ready for some TURKEY.

Enjoy, all!

Complicated Disaster 4 days ago

Crumbs I read that first sentence and thought for a moment that you were all being laid off!! Happy Thanksgiving!! xx

plushcreep 4 days ago

I didn't get out today until 4:59. Ugh! Technically an early release, but wow, by one whole minute.

Enjoy your much better Thanksgiving this year!

Jinn 4 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving ! 🦃🍁🍽

Palmtreesandzebras 4 days ago

That sounds like it will be lovely!

I always enjoy baileys in my coco

WhatDreamsMayCome 4 days ago

I like the “No drama” rule!

WhatDreamsMayCome 4 days ago

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Meeks 3 days ago (edited 3 days ago)


Spike it with Baileys

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