nov 22 in idea barrages

  • Nov. 21, 2021, 4:16 p.m.
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  1. Do you think anyone ever broke up with Geordi LaForge, was like “I think we should see other people” then, like, was so embarrassed by the faux pas that she rescinded the break-up?

  2. He’s the one they call DOCTOR ZOIDBERG, he’s gonna make you feel ALL RIGHT

  3. I like to imagine Adam, the first man, going into a thrift shop, buying a “World’s #1 Grandpa” mug and then chiseling out the “#1” bit.

  4. We need a Secretary of Agriculture named Gregory so that we can get to a scandal called Aggregate. Though I suppose an Attorney General could work too.

  5. There’s what you want, there’s what you need and there’s getting things on your terms. Sometimes you can’t have any, often you only get one. You will never have more than two of those three at the same time ever. Choose wisely.

  6. Apple Dumplin’ GANG, Knotts was the STAR

  7. Tuuvan throat singing covers of classic country songs and you call yourself The Nitty Gritty Yurt Band.

  8. David Cronenberg’s midnight movie romp, THE BODY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

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