Wierd shit I do in Phoenix Rises Again

  • Nov. 16, 2021, 9:01 a.m.
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An old schoolmate can p on people you might now on facebook. Added him. We started chatting. I ended up pouring my heart out about all the ahit that’s happened the last couple years. Didnt really know the guy that well in school. Chatted with him a couple times since. But for some reason I was just comfortable talking to him. He gave me some good advice. He told me I could talk to him anytime I needed someone to talk to. Hes good people. But I still feel really wierd about how easily I opened up. I wonder if he thought it was wierd too. Idk.

Worked a 12 hour shift last night. Have another one tonight and a teacher conference in an hour that I’m considering doing from the bath. Fuck it, everyone knows I’m a mess right now anyway right?

Fuck social standards. Ima just make everyone uncomfortable. Why not?

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