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  • Nov. 11, 2021, 8:41 p.m.
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  1. The good news is that the music played in heaven’s waiting room is the theme to TAXI. The bad news is that the music played in hell’s waiting room is “Take It Easy” by the Eagles. So, like, choose wisely.

  2. Guy Fawkes wasn’t a freedom fighter. He was a reactionary who wanted to be lorded over by The Pope instead of The King thinking he’d get a cut of the Pope’s mojo. Violent revolt isn’t the action of those who wants freedom for others, rather of those who want power for themselves.

  3. Between ’90s Kid Nostalgia and the American Opioid Crisis, we’re pretty close to “IT’S MORPHINE TIME!” becoming a really powerful meme.

  4. A parody of Billy Joel regarding the decline of Roswell New Mexico after the end of the UFO fad called “Alientown” .

  5. A metal cover of Muskrat Love, “MUSKRAT HATE”.

  6. At Abstinence Summer Camp, The Thigh’s The Limit!

  7. Maybe more people would go for their dental check-ups if they called it something cool like CAVITY SEARCH!

  8. I hope that if whoever is rival to Creighton, when they beat them in sport, they win the Creighton barrel for the next year.

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