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( I was trying to post a poem that riffed on lists. PB keeps trying to put it into a properly numeric list. Imagine the word numbers as numerals to complete the vibe.)


One. Rubicon Crossed-Off
Three. Act Structure Failed
Four. Piecing Together Meaning
Seven. Up, Not Like The Drink
Seven. Up, Like The Game When You Were
Eight. Years Old In School, Innocent
Thirteen. Years Later, Indolent in Sin
Twenty-Two. The Towers Fell Before You
Twenty-Three. Skidoo, On Foreign Streets
Twenty-Four. Hours A Day on Cable News
Twenty-Five. Percent Chance of Another Attack
Twenty-Eight. Colors Of Warning To Make You Afraid
Thirty. When You Started Going Gray


One. Path Taken And Botched, Time
Two. Go At Another, Even Though You’re Tired
Three. Times Charmed
Four. Times Harmed
Six. To Your Stomach From Chili Alarms
Eight. Getting Fire When You Just Wanted Warm
Ten. Dentists Asked, Most Will Agree
Fourteen. Times A Week Will Set You Free
Twenty-Five. Or Six-To-Four
Thirty. Years Old, Afraid Of Dying Poor


It’s not a puzzle to be solved, it’s a life to be lived.

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