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  • Nov. 7, 2021, 6:37 p.m.
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Bobbie, who often drew her family as a murder of crows, now has her own in-house, quilted crows.

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It’s taken me almost forever to finish this piece. I really should take out the binding and do it again, but I’m not going to do that. From 2017 when I began piecing the center panels to now has been five years. That’s a long time to make a quilt in the quilting world. Some quilters finish a king sized quilt in a weekend. Many send their quilts out to be quilted. I certainly did neither.

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I despaired of finishing this work. The quilting was ragged, the gold thread broke so often I was pulling my hair out, and I knew my old Bernina had developed a hatred of me.
For a while, I hated the quilt. Never have I done something I disliked as much as I did this work.

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In the end, I plowed onward. G’s suggestion that I work on it for half an hour a day, got me moving after a long hiatus. Sometimes I would even work two hours in a row. Yesterday I worked, tho very poorly, three hours. In the end, I like it. It’s ok. The quilting saves it.

  • Himself: Do-mess-ticity: Bake bread, add grout to the shower, do a load of laundry while playing in space.
  • Myself: Photographing the quilt. Blogging, reading the blogs of others.
  • Reading: Finished the new Evanovich and ordered volume 2 of Harry Potter. I gave my copy to Zoe. No I can start to reread the series.
  • Watching: Project Runway then to Catch a Smuggler on NG. Pure gar-bage.
  • Photo: Mine and G’s.
  • Weather: Chilly, in the fifties, and sunny.

Last updated November 07, 2021

gattaca November 07, 2021

And for all that, it is a labor of love. It is actually very beautiful!

Zipster November 07, 2021

It is gorgeous, truly done by an artist. What a lovely gift for Bobbie, I am sure she will treasure it.

Jinn November 07, 2021

It’s beautiful !

Narrator November 08, 2021

That quilting is magnificent. Congratulations on finishing it. :)

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