11 month measurements in Weight Loss Surgery

  • Nov. 6, 2021, 4:43 p.m.
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Way late but better late than never

HW 296 - Jan 3 264#s - Jun 221#s - Aug 214#s - Sep 210#s - Oct 208#s -Total #s Loss: 88#s
Chest — 50 in --------> 44 in -----> 41 in ------> 41 in -----> 41 in ------ Total Inches Loss: 9
Waist — 54 in --------> 44 in -----> 43 in ------> 43 in -----> 43in ----- Total Inches Loss: 11
Hips — 55 in --------> 51 in ------> 51 in ------> 49 in -----> 48 in ---- Total Inches Loss: 7
Thigh — 32 in --------> 28 in -----> 27 in ------> 27 in -----> 27in ----- Total Inches Loss: 4
Arms — 21 in ---------> 18 in -----> 18 in ------> 18 in -----> 18 ------- Total Inches Loss: 3
Neck — 18 in ---------> 15 in -----> 15 in ------> 15 in -----> 15in ----- Total Inches Loss: 3
Calf — ---------------> 16 in -----> 16 in ------> 18 in -----> 18in ------ Total Inches Loss: 0
Total inches Loss: 37 !

And the number you’ve all been waiting for … 16. I am a size 16 in Old Navy’s Rock Star High Waist Stretch jeans. I was at one point a size 24, although not in Old Navy. I think once I was bigger than an 18 I stopped shopping there. They do have sizes bigger than an 18 but years ago it was harder to come by.

Let me tell you that I was fucking lost in that store. SO MANY DIFFERENT JEANS. All the sizes and lengths. I didn’t want to try on “stretch” jeans because I knew that would be in my favor and I wanted to know my “real” size but I could not find a 14 and a 16 in THE SAME EXACT PANTS … except these. I can’t remember if I chose long or short - or if they even had a long or short distinction.

My trainer said she thought I was a 14, which is why I started with a 14 and a 16 to see where I was at.

DEF not a 14… yet. And my big ass calves were a part of the reason why - but the 16’s fit great.

You know what’s sad? It felt really good to wear pants that FIT.

I know I live in leggings but they aren’t even tight anymore you know? You can tell in the thighs and ass that they are too big and it’s just all I have. Even in 2x it’s not really fitting well.
I also put on a medium shirt and it fucking fit. I can’t believe it. BUT because I’m used to swimming in my clothes - I’d prob stick to a large instead of a medium.

I didn’t buy the pants today. Just don’t want to spend on something that isn’t a necessity. Instead I went to the grocery store and made an awesome cheesy enchilada soup!

However, I did go through my “too small” bag of clothes I have in my bedroom and found a 16/18 pair of jeggings from Walmart. So they fit just as well as the old navy ones did. I’m going to a friend’s house tonight and I can’t remember the last time I saw her so I want to wear well fitting clothes and make an impression. I think everyone (besides maybe FB acquaintances) knows we had the surgery.

I can’t believe I can walk into that store - and I guess other stores - and pick up a 16 pant and possibly a medium sweater and it will actually fit me.

I can’t express to you how long it’s been that I’ve walked into a “normal” store (not an entirely plus size store like Torrid, Avenue, Lane Bryant, etc.) and know that my size will be on the rack and I can actually buy what I see in real life, instead of checking for it in the plus size section of the online store.

It quite literally is a whole new world. Maybe this was just the motivation I needed to stop fucking up.

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Des November 07, 2021

That is amazing!!!
I but some jeans, another size down, and they are still too big. sigh But they'll be a nice "comfy" day pants. So that means I have to by jeans 2 sizes down.

Target's stetchy jeans fit like Old Navy and I can find them MUCH cheaper!

sedentary Des ⋅ November 07, 2021

Thanks for the advice!

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