nov 6 in idea barrages

  • Nov. 5, 2021, 9:11 p.m.
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  1. In “Rocket Robin Hood” was the female lead “Maid Martian”? It should’ve been, anyway.

  2. A Toto “Africa” parody built around the line “Throw bless-ed rain on DRAC-U-LA”.

  3. Some people get pretty pissed if instead of “Solemn Ramadan” you say “Happy Allahdays!”

  4. Tell people you think “A Farewell to Arms” was a heist story about the theft of the Venus de Milo where the art piece got broken. It’s fun that is cheap as free!

  5. In Australia, wouldn’t oral sex be “going up” on someone?

  6. A European archeological expedition to find Brittany spears.

  7. If Frankstein’s creation hasn’t had sex but the penis attached to him has, is he a virgin or not?

  8. Why call someone “the world’s biggest douchebag” when you can call them “pubic enema #1”?

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