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  • Nov. 1, 2021, 2:52 p.m.
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I’ve had a few coworkers ask me about my music over the last few months, and it’s something I have been hesitant to share with anyone, let alone the people I work with. But I picked out a song or two that I thought each of them might like and shared it. Everyone said they really enjoyed it and I had a few people ask me how come we never “made it”.

I mean, first of all “making it” seems impossible these days. The rules of how to make it seem to be: Be a terrible person on social media and then go viral for it.

I dunno.

I decided to start sharing my music again, though. So I created an instagram account for it. I’ve had a few people tell me I should be on Tik Tok as well because Instagram sucks, but I’m still trying to work out if that’s something I would like to do or not. I dunno, I would feel weird on Tik Tok.

But I’ve gained a bunch of monthly listeners and followers on Spotify in the last month.

I’m not sure how I’m doing on Apple Music because I don’t know how to check the metrics for that.

If you want to give it a listen, it’s called Dane and the Death Machine, and it’s on Spotify and Apple Music.

I don’t ever know what song to share with people. But I guess Veridian could be a good starting point.

There are two different recorded versions of the song, one acoustic and one full band.

” Light blue crush on this parade
and yeah, my hair’s a darker shade
frozen tree limbs, I had you
and everything I touch just fades…

Desert dances through the night
and yeah, I thought I’d never hear you say enough
and I am scared to leave this place

Why are you acting so naive in front of me?
It seems I’ll say this to your face, ‘I don’t regret one thing’

Have you seen the stars tonight?
They’re all exploding like a sign of things to come
and I’ve prepared to die this way

Why are you acting so naive in front of me?
It seems you only go as deep as you can with dry knees

I heard you talking to yourself about me
You made it sound like someone else was listening

And as we swam across the ocean, uninvited were our wakes
You came along to my sinking body
and tore me to the sandbar, where my weightlessness expired
regret will set heavy sometimes”

Let me know if you like it, if you end up listening.

SweetMelissa November 01, 2021

Listening now. Started right at the top with Sun Song and working my way down the list that pops up on Spotify.
I really like this song. It has a familiarity to it. Nice. Good stuff.

Superposition SweetMelissa ⋅ November 01, 2021

Awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. All of the albums are kind of themed, especially When Amonia Meets Bleech, that's a concept album about a drug addict named Bleech who meets a nurse in rehab and they fall in love and run away together and then he pulls her into his drug life and she ends up overdosing on accident so he overdoses on purpose.

I modeled the story after Romeo and Juliette, just with a little bit of a grittier twist.

SweetMelissa Superposition ⋅ November 02, 2021

loving Annie's Ghost. I'll listen to Ammonia Meets Bleech. Sounds interesting. I like knowing that backstory.

Superposition SweetMelissa ⋅ November 02, 2021

Our little ones love Annie's Ghost, haha. They ask me to play it for them all the time. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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