29nd in A Nice Dream On Elm Street

  • Oct. 29, 2021, 9:06 a.m.
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My dad needs to focus on getting back to being himself. Not clinging onto the notion that his ‘trauma’ is real and we don’t believe him.
He knows he’s in residential care because he ‘injured his brain with drugs’. I’m not exactly a fan of how they seemingly ‘dumb’ things down for them but I figure it makes sense dealing with people who’ve literally fried their brains on drugs. The specific wording probably has something to do with it, too..always with the ‘You Injured YOUR brain with DRUGS.’
Art says a lot of times addicts just placate the ‘experts’ and doctors, they really just want to talk to and be listened to by other addicts.
He’s been clean off everything going on 6 years now, pepsi and coffee are his only vices.
I want my dad to want to get better. Not out of any soft concerns; him and I will never be that rockwell-esque father and son who go out for malts after our weekend fishing trips.
I want that for him mostly out of concern for my mom; the woman had so many breakdowns while dealing with and paying for this shit.
Brother gets a pass on most of this because he’s married. Did I tell you that early on in this when I largely refused to show any emotions, that my mom got pissed at me and said “Well you’ll never have a spouse anyway so I don’t expect you to understand.”?
Yep, most important woman in my life just up and laid it on me like that because her manbaby addict of a husband chose the stuff beneath the sink over her and us.
Men forgive but we don’t forget.
Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now.

Be good, I love you.

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