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April 17, 2022


Moved out of grandma’s and I’ll be living with my brother and his wife for the next year. Or more accurately, they’ll be living here while they save up for the next year. It’s a really nice house...

April 03, 2022


Mom found a house, I’m moving out of grandma’s this weekend. Brother and sister in law are going to be living there with me for about a year while they save up for a house. No idea when moms goin...

February 24, 2022


I listene-, I recently found some old cd’s of mine. I know, CD’s! Physical musical..or at least not the kind that only exists on your phone or pc. I remember buying D12’s “Devils Night” the year ...

January 28, 2022


We were the kids who go to go go places and do things, that’s what my dad said. We didn’t need to get “spoiled” with the new clothes and toys the other kids did. What a boomer thing to say, lmao....

January 25, 2022


…What was that? 10: “…Just a loon. Keep moving.”

January 16, 2022


So I’m at my rental property the other day.-.. Before I get into that, I recently learned that I was actually left handed but they ‘taught’ me to be right handed in kindergarten. This explains al...

January 14, 2022


I’m ooootay, Buckwheat. Just wanted you to know, is all.

January 05, 2022


Man what’s it been since last I was here? A year? Ahaaaa..fuckin’…sigh I’m ok and I hope you’re alright, too.

December 25, 2021


mortal kombaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat- I mean merry christmasssssssssssssssss (dun dun dun dun dun dund undund und undundundundundu dun dun dun dun dununundunudnudn udn udn udnununundund un dundundunu...

December 16, 2021


It’s about that time huh

December 12, 2021


Dad’s coming back a little bit, I guess. He actually told the dog to shut up the other day. Hey, they have amazon cards at wally world and walgreens, right? I asked google and they said yeah, but...

December 02, 2021


Can’t believe I used to rule the world at one point. I can scarcely remember it. 8: Mijo you had a busy day today. 17: I’ve always said, when we look back on everything at least we can say we had...

November 24, 2021


Have a happy turkey day or whatever day associated with whatever pilgrim/turkey deities you choose to aknowledge. Be good, I love you. Hows my zombie dad? Still zombie dad.

November 15, 2021


I guess my dad had some sort of weekend pass to come out of residential and stay with us at grandmas. He was not the same. Vacant glassy stare, very quiet. Was not thee same. Nope. Other than tha...

October 29, 2021


My dad needs to focus on getting back to being himself. Not clinging onto the notion that his ‘trauma’ is real and we don’t believe him. He knows he’s in residential care because he ‘injured his ...

October 15, 2021


Last friday my dad committed himself to the hospital for an evaluation/hold. I was at work and found out when I got home. Yesterday he was moved from there into a residential treatment home. Mom ...

October 01, 2021


Jesus h christmas it’s eye opening (and ear opening) to hear my dad. To hear both my parents like this actually. He’s basically fried his brain with dope and is convinced “they’re” after him. Eve...

September 24, 2021


Man, I noticed that when I get stuck behind slow moving traffic, more often than not it’s a subaru. Smoke from the fires is giving the sky this post-apocalyptic look. It’d be kind of neat if it d...

September 16, 2021


I got stung by a fuckin bee yesterday, man. Haven’t had that happen since like elementary school. One of the walkways at Art’s apartment complex has a beehive near it because there are bees buzzi...

September 13, 2021


So, you know how I work in a ‘colorful’ part of town? I went to work around 4 am last saturday and went out for a smoke on my first break a little after 6. Someone had not only went through our t...

August 28, 2021


Did I tell you I finally got a car? Had it for like 3 months now. Had XM for a while but I guess the subscription is over. Once you’ve enjoyed XM, regular radio is just so ehh, fuckin, what’s the...

August 15, 2021


Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me Blah blah something something god I fucking hate being me And many moooore on channel 4 Shut up, fuck. I’m terrible with passwords and emails so I create...

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