oct 29 in idea barrages

  • Oct. 28, 2021, 5:09 p.m.
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  1. They totally could’ve called retail therapy “shelf care”. They didn’t but they should’ve.

  2. Ape cannot be in possession of ape is nine-tenths of ape law.

  3. I think when I finally get a band together to do an entire album of rock parodies about Dune, ill call it “Journey Halleck”.

  4. Maybe the one ring to bind them was, like, cheese. Like like a ring of cheese. That stuff sure can bind.

  5. A washed-up actor, grifting on the evangelical lecture circuit, in an effort to recenter the holiday around Jesus, steals Santa’s beard and with it, his magic. Can a plucky team of internet sleuths recover St. Nick’s whiskers or will the d-lister succeed in… SHAVING CHRISTMAS?

  6. I believe that dog people now prefer the less insensitive term “werewolves”.

  7. Apple Betty-JEAN, desserts made by HER

  8. Bags of dehydrated peppermint patties for snacking and you call them “York Rinds”. Check mate.

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