Cute Girl in Phoenix Rises Again

  • Oct. 25, 2021, 2:11 a.m.
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Met a cute girl on Bumble a few days ago. Now we are going over for dinner tomorrow and discussing the possibility of my son and I moving in. I’ve heard of uhaul on the 2nd date but this is madness, we havent even met! But also… it’s probably the only shot I’ve got of not having to uproot my son and go back to Colorado with my tail between my legs.

My son is doing so well here. I want him to keep doing well. And this girl is so sweet. Theres definatly chemistry there. I’ll call her Kerrie. Kerrie has kids as well. One my son’s age and one a bit older. She rents a house with her ex wife and her ex wifes kids. Havent heard much about them. She says it’s a co parenting situation and they are just friends. Not sure I care what feelings mat or may not be between them, honestly. I’m not the jealous type.

Westly can go stay with his mom for a while. If this works out then maybe I can get back on my feet. Supposed to be out by the end of the week and have my appointment for workers comp on the 2nd. After that I’ll hopefully be back to full duty and maybe have the courage to try to enroll in college again. Supposedly the block on my account from the last college is cleared so I can get my transcripts to transfer. I should see when the new semester starts.

Tomorrow I have to pick up glasses, do a covid test, visit the bank, make some phone calls, look into getting a storage unit. And then figure out what I’m wearing to dinner.

How do I even sleep when I’m so excited and nervous?

Do I miss Jay? Yeah, but going back isnt going to change anything. We wont suddenly be friends again.

Recieved a voice message from the friend I’ve had blocked for several years. He apologised. Then he said Goodbye. So I know the apology was only brought on by another bought of suicidal thoughts. Havent talked to him in years but hes still calling me when hes suicidal. He really should be calling his therapist. I’m not going to answer him just because hes got one foot out the door. He always has. It’s not a healthy foundation for a friendship.

Talked to Eli earlier this week about my situation. Hes talking to some people to see if they can help. Sweet guy. I’d really like to have the chance to just hang out though. Finish watching Elfen Lied with him maybe.

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